Eatbrain Recordings – L33 – Mafia EP – [Review]


Eatbrain’s second release for 2018 is in the form of L33 dropping his debut for the year that bears a dope title by the name Mafia EP. It is a five-track release, and it comes after the successful Karate LP that he dropped in 2016 on the very same imprint.

Wow! It’s surely been a while since we jammed some filthy good Neuro-Funk D&B, and this stuff just reminded us of that hectic feeling inside whilst the head is wildin’ out to & fro as it bops itself to the music. The EP officially features Coppa on the lyrical side, spitting them fiery words upon two joints namely; ‘LightsOut’ and ‘So Dope’. There’s also the title track as well setting it off from the top with a sound as sinister and merciless as its name. ‘Faded’ is loud and proud, too but the final song, ‘Last Signal’ definitely must be considered or regarded as a serious hit! It is an ideal favourite; from the beginning, the ear knows it about to go on a definite sound trip from the moment rugged electric sound in the intro kicks in to the up-tempo beats and atmospheres equalling a classic in the making.

If you want proper, unadulterated quality Neuro vibes then, this will do you well. In addition, it’s well mixed & mastered, and spots a dope cover fit for a wall poster or wallpaper on your screen.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Ignescent Recordings – Nickbee – Space Tunnel EP – [Review]


Another blast from Oblast, NickBee once again drops another explosive, blazing release. He is out again, with an EP titled Space Tunnel this time which, is proudly brought to you by Ignescent.

Yet again, Nickbee showcases his creativity; and versatility in the music that he makes, all compressed in just four tracks. The EP kick-starts with the title song, and has a single artist feature being singer, Emily Harkness contributing a marvellous feat of surreal and angelic vocals over (damn!) those drums in ‘Chaos’. After hectically bopping our heads to the songs a few times over, we openly testify that this joint is undoubtedly our favourite number in the whole mix. Next to play is ‘Get It Closer’; a beautiful mess of grimy synthesis and gravitating bass lines over the mix. The jam’s atmosphere is nicely supplemented by a melodious voice that sounds distant, and creates scenery reminiscent of a Sci-fi setting from some other-worldly planet. The fourth and last track ‘Pandorum’ wraps up the EP with a heavy and dark theme, similarly as with all the songs on the track list.

Basically putting it in a nutshell; the experience that Space Tunnel EP offers, is an imaginative, mind journey through a Neuro D&B orientated sound space than just mere shuckin’ & jivin’ like a mad man on the Rave floor because, it has a lot of mental substance.

It is releases such as this EP that make NickBee an artist/producer of prominence and finesse. His music lifts a pioneering flag when it comes to Ukrainian, and inevitably D&B worldwide. As for this release, it is simply another timeless one from the Bee man.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Renegade Hardware Presents: The Final Chapter – Neuroware [Review]


Renegade Hardware has always been a prominent Drum & Bass label which has been around for two decades. Unfortunately, they are closing the curtain with The Final Chapter, a series of VA (various artists) compilation LPs. Now, starting with Neuroware

It comes packed with thirty-one tracks in total, and a huge artist line-up to go with it to create this raw, Neuro-filled serving. Some of the collaborations that are found in it are between Impak & Trivision; Nickbee & Limel; Volatile Cycle & Kritix smashing in with ‘Checkpoint’ also; comes a four-way collab between Nymfo, Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris with a number called ‘Refractor’. A VIP version is included in the mix as well, in the form of ‘End Game’ which was done by Trilo and features Stapleton murdering the delivery. Another wicked feature is in ‘Days Of Rage’ where, MC Mota brings in the lyrical play in it as well, when the song returns on the second drop. As for the solo side of things, there’s the likes of North Base; Cruk; and many others, with the likes of Malux working on that ‘Cryptic’ and; Aggressor Bunx starting things on a rough edge on ‘Let It War’ being the first track. Basically, to cut things short; there is just a lot going down herein that is sonically super.

The LP is armed with sheer hard-coreness to the teeth, and filled with heavy-hitters to the brim. The Last Chapter – Neuroware is just one part of the massiveness that Renegade has cooked up for their final showdown.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Complete album link:

Blackout Music NL – Current Value – Starfleet EP – [Review]



Has anybody been keeping track on the ample material Sir Current Value has been dishing out as of late, ’cause we’re still trying to catch our breath from his recent releases? Now back on the imprint that regards itself as a supplier of a staple diet of the heavy and darker side of Drum n Bass over the years. Which it has truly solidified itself in, Blackout Music sees CV’s ‘Starfleet’ EP which has come to bear 6 audio sculptures which are set to reforge your hearing sensory passage.

The man that runneth sophisticated techstep, neuro sizzling productions has worked his wizardry tech on the title track which opens up this EP with heinous chiseling synth works and trance inducing chugging drum work which will leave you seeking a skin graft after a listen. Coming in secondly is ‘Electrify’, funny how it’s only now he’s come up with the title ‘electrify’ for one of his tunes whereas most of his tracks have been nothing but an electric buzz. Now the vibes on this one trickle with stab like shards grooving throughout the tune. ‘Agility’ can be well felt in its intro with splintered percussion. No doubt that on the drop, the track actually takes the form of its name, and packing with it so much grit in its journey. Then on the fourth count is a track coming in on the intro with a female sample that reads the tune name ‘Mind’s Nature’. Now the alarming sound at the drop and the robot-like sound of the female sample depicts a sci-fi like scene in the age of AI trying to hide from machines. Now to seal of this EP comes in ‘Rectangular’, a track that completely caught me off guard on the drop, as its a ball of searing sounds rapidly bouncing off the four sides of its name but still well contained in it’s marching drum pattern. With the ample amount of tunes CV is rapidly releasing he definitely  isn’t compromising on the quality of his work. ‘Starfleet’ EP is another stellar produce in his discography!


Words: Toan

40Hz Records – Void – switch/What They want – [Review}


40Hz Records hails straight from Cologne and, has been around for about three years now and few releases. The label is on their fourth release with Void giving us a nice couple yet again.

 The first track, ‘Switch’ makes a grand entrance with a parade of sounds and an excited atmosphere. It drops with a dope vibe that loudly and proudly hollers “club anthem” with its 1-2 Steps and synths, all adding up to entice that invigorating energy. The same could be said about ‘What They Want’ when it comes to the style just merely the tweaks in production make a clear difference in the creative aspects of the two songs. However, the latter is darker in composition and contains a harmonic pad and carries slightly more heaviness than the former otherwise, we are dealing with a uniform double that needs not to be compared with one another. All in all, the production is beautiful, clean, and well mastered in its loudness, ideally for this kind of style.

We still say, that German Drum & Bass is a force not to be messed with, and should be given much more attention. These singles for instance, happen to be another example of what we mean. As for the 40Hz, this is a super return and great start this year for them.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Eatbrain Recordings – Synergy – Helion EP – [Review]


If you had been living under a rock for whatever reason for the past couple of months and are totally unaware who Synergy is, well, I take this opportunity to enlighten you a little bit. Synergy is the combination of two forces which are set to bring you a Super-Saiyan of production prowess in their establishment. And that is Segment & Concept Vision. This is their first offering under this Alias with a full EP. Their very first tune under their new Alias was “Rage” on Neodigital’s Neurofunk V2. Now, to get underneath this EP on Eatbrain and evaluate…

Helion, the 5 track adrenalin inducing caliber of Synergy is set to etch their dynamic to further extreme degrees as a solidified duo. First on the block is ‘Arkana’ which opens up slowly with an enigmatic intro, then pacing up to drop into an unexpected strident synthesis but well embellished. Well showcasing the Eatbrain style and that of the artists.

Getting into the swing of things to this EP as we move onto the second track. Titled ‘Destroyer‘, from which you can tell from the intro that there’s sufficient suspended intensity which is set to blow up the moment the track drops. And without fail the tune is a menacing fire-ball and unlawful with its sporadic cuts.

The follow up to this is ‘Warrior Sound‘ which employs the vocal work of “Miss Trouble” with a steady delivery. The track takes a much slower approach than the other two previous tunes. Displaying half-time tones and sufficient grit so that you’re not too comfortable.

Then comes in the title track ‘Helion‘ eagerly awaiting its turn if I may say. A grand intro is just a standard for such a name and it being the title track. The cinematic soundscape plays out, unveiling a vocal sample disgorging a caution to take heed upon. Then the track lashes out into electrifying whips with the second drop sending out spastic waves. depicting finesse.

Then we come to the final track on the EP. ‘Scarecrow‘, a track set to cut your breaths by half cause of the twisted articulation it brings that will have you in disbelief. The EP shows nothing much has changed but the progression of the sound they’ve always been known for working together. Also, could we just give props for the ever stellar artwork that always accompanies Eatbrain releases? Always mint and on point!

Do note that this EP was followed up by a sick Podcast from the duo. Something really worth checking out. See links below and click on the DL button!