Eatbrain Recordings – Synergy – Helion EP – [Review]


If you had been living under a rock for whatever reason for the past couple of months and are totally unaware who Synergy is, well, I take this opportunity to enlighten you a little bit. Synergy is the combination of two forces which are set to bring you a Super-Saiyan of production prowess in their establishment. And that is Segment & Concept Vision. This is their first offering under this Alias with a full EP. Their very first tune under their new Alias was “Rage” on Neodigital’s Neurofunk V2. Now, to get underneath this EP on Eatbrain and evaluate…

Helion, the 5 track adrenalin inducing caliber of Synergy is set to etch their dynamic to further extreme degrees as a solidified duo. First on the block is ‘Arkana’ which opens up slowly with an enigmatic intro, then pacing up to drop into an unexpected strident synthesis but well embellished. Well showcasing the Eatbrain style and that of the artists.

Getting into the swing of things to this EP as we move onto the second track. Titled ‘Destroyer‘, from which you can tell from the intro that there’s sufficient suspended intensity which is set to blow up the moment the track drops. And without fail the tune is a menacing fire-ball and unlawful with its sporadic cuts.

The follow up to this is ‘Warrior Sound‘ which employs the vocal work of “Miss Trouble” with a steady delivery. The track takes a much slower approach than the other two previous tunes. Displaying half-time tones and sufficient grit so that you’re not too comfortable.

Then comes in the title track ‘Helion‘ eagerly awaiting its turn if I may say. A grand intro is just a standard for such a name and it being the title track. The cinematic soundscape plays out, unveiling a vocal sample disgorging a caution to take heed upon. Then the track lashes out into electrifying whips with the second drop sending out spastic waves. depicting finesse.

Then we come to the final track on the EP. ‘Scarecrow‘, a track set to cut your breaths by half cause of the twisted articulation it brings that will have you in disbelief. The EP shows nothing much has changed but the progression of the sound they’ve always been known for working together. Also, could we just give props for the ever stellar artwork that always accompanies Eatbrain releases? Always mint and on point!

Do note that this EP was followed up by a sick Podcast from the duo. Something really worth checking out. See links below and click on the DL button!


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