Warm Comms Records – Mako – A Break From Ritual/What A little Moonlight Can Do – [Review]


Warm Comms imprint have yet another belter of a release bringing forth label boss of Utopia Music, Mako, to bless their establishment. Two tunes bagged up with one of them being dubbed “A Break From Ritual” which is a much weighty release with a hasty drum writing, dishing out breaks toppling over your sanity. The relentless kick/snare work conjures up some of Mikal’s works. This is how you drop a dance-floor a few metres down. Get with it.

What A Little Moonlight Can Do” dumbs down the carnage a bit from the other tune. Snappy breaks still flash in the midst of this dubby flow that portrays, well, in my mind, smokey lounges with indian cuisine. So stripped, so laid-back. A different kind of ambience. Be on the look-out for these!

Release Date: 2nd December


NBA records – Snapshot – Dooms VIP/Dark Shadows VIP – [Review]


Manc city be popping out with a somewhat new imprint called NBA(NB Audio) having the duo Snapshot on the release with weighty VIPs. Dooms is 1st up with Chimpo on the vocals. The beat has a hip-hop vibe to it adding to the dark baseline that just sits well with Chimpo’s flow on the track.
Darkest dungeon happenings! Get with it!

Dark Shadow‘s intro reminded me of one of Rene LaVice’s tune in which this tune also has a build up of a baseline that sounds like it’s morphing it’s way through the track. Such dark vibes but the drum pattern is an organised clutter of upfront kick and snare vibes. Tonn Piper’s vocals sounding like they’re casting spells over this beat summoning one to obey to these dace-floor vibes.

Release: Nov

IM:LTD – Penny Giles/ Phil Tangent – Stories Untold/We Don’t Talk Anymore


The IM:LTD certainly always has an intriguing array of tunes at their disposal as hey don’t seem to quite confine themselves to a particular sound as such.
Now newly provided material from Penny Giles as well as Phil Tangent is pure mastery on the liquid front.
Stories Untold wastes no time rolling in from the get-go. A nice lively take on what the tune is about really with minimal vocal work which says a little but evokes deeper things though with an ambience running throughout.

We Don’t Talk Anymore – The title already strikes a nerve, you know when you get outta that relationship that’s so bad that you can’t even stay friends? Yep, the track certainly hits those wounds conjuring those memories
which one would not rather attend to at times. Not too say the track is depressing, the baseline is so full and certainly speaks in tongues in a nice gritty tone. Laid-back kick and snare work that will have you nod as if you’re shaking your head. You will succumb yo these vibes.This is Phil Tangent.

Release Date: 11 November

Ingredients Records – Dominic Petrie – Tomorrow Now Ep – [Review]


Taking a look at the latest offering from Ingredients imprint to see what’s on the menu this time, we get served the lush and luxurious sounds of Scotland based Dominic Petrie. His Tomorrow Now Ep serves to be elegant emotion design that caresses your soul. From the groovy finger click that runs through “Riverside Blues” and a warm brush of a baseline from “Soho” really puts one at ease. Dashed with some minimalism from “TMA1 which will give you a slow drilling mind fuck, could quite inspire a lil bit of skanky face too. This 7 track EP certainly keeps the same vibe throughout having each track flowing nicely into each other. Expect some deepness, soulful belters and down right jazzy liquid vibes.

Release Date: 11 November