The Dreamers Recordings – HLZ – From The Past EP – [Review]


Former member of Need For Mirrors, HLZ brings us From The Past EP with D&B Arena Awards 2016 nominee (best newcomer label), The Dreamers Recordings with their eighth release to date, in a matter of just a year since it was founded.

Entering the title track, which features some cool and smooth vocals by Awakem and; just like those vocals, the feel of the song is likewise. It is strictly a Liquid-Soul, rolling tune with a dope mood. So, speaking of the mood; it carries on to the next tune, ‘Dream Source’ and thus, creates and sets the EP’s theme or concept. This one though, is layered with shades of darkness in its atmosphere; with a cool play with the vocal blended in and sounding like a dreamy melody that has a hypnotic effect in a way. Then, “Nightcrawler’ takes it to the classic styles with some timeless Intelligence whilst; still maintaining the theme with some opaque ambience. Even with the last tune, ‘Sparkles’, the vibe is twitched with a bit of excitement but, the idea does not veer off therefore, herein; is a serious banger to have fun when jamming to. It’s dope how it adds such a hyper-active flavor to Minimal D&B; and shutting the EP with something like this.

As much as D&B is universal, recognition still has to be given to those who represent and; this is a wonderful taste of what Italian Drum & Bass is about. Hands down for HLZ, his craft is brilliant.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


Atmomatix – Sirka – Modern Jazz EP -[Review]


Atmomatix Records was founded two years ago and; their sound as they say is on that “atmospheric & cinematic” vibe. This release by Sirka, from South Africa brings that sound with Modern Jazz EP.

 The EP has a really nice vibe about it, on top of being nicely put together to create some beautiful music that these artists have managed to come up with here. We mean the sheer talent and creativity, namely; strong lyrics and vocal expressions that Given Nkanyane (Stone Jets) brings to ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. The soothing, soulful sounds of the overall composition is lovely; with singer & guitarist, Tyler Meiring (Madhouse Theory) also putting in a hand by singing with his guitar strings, resulting in this beautiful Liquid song. As for the title track, ‘Modern Jazz’, all that can be said is… “Wow!” We first remembered what Goldie once said about D&B being comparable to modern Jazz and, this tune clearly defines that by being a one-of-a-kind, Jazz-Step hit at that. We like how it interacts with the listener with its liveliness and invites the mind towards a picturesque setting of a live audience; watching, applauding and cheering as the Jazz plays on the stage.

This is inevitably a classic, be it that it faces being underrated or results in the proper recognition it deserves out there because; the exceptional production and Scott Allen’s clean and dusted mastering just makes it as good as fine, aged wine.


Words By: Tsheola Asavela

C.I.A Vs Phantom Audio -Total Science Vs Digital & Spirit – [Review]


Here, is two labels forming a collaborative label and; the first release to launch this, is also a get-together of four amongst the finest, and experienced D&B artists mashing up to release this first volume.

Between Total Science, Digital & Spirit, it has taken all those years of knowing each other before coming to this first project working together and, the four songs that resulted are a bang. The EP goes off with ‘Rumble’, with its neat hook and some Jungle flavor; a calm, deep bass and those distant atmospheres. Apparently, some have been waiting on this track for two years. ‘Overlord’ takes over from there, and takes it up a notch with some energy, with the infusion of effects that create a spacey soundscape. As for the bass line, it is strictly a Dub/Reggae one, only with an increased speed of course which; gives the tune more depth with the innovation. Next, comes an intro dominated by a static sound, leading to a drop that opens up a Pandora’s Box of darkness and mayhem; leaving a sadistic impression after the song dies, just like the movie character of the same pseudonym as the track’s title i.e. ‘Jigsaw’ before, wrapping it up with the heaviness of ‘Fall Down’. As a last note: the EP has a 10” limited edition vinyl for the serious collectors and record junkies out there.

Digging this EP was already expected from us and, the story still sticks after listening again, and again. It is definitely a classic, and a must have for the thoroughbred Junglist. Fans of CIA and Phantom will love this, no doubt.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Kill Tomorrow Recordings – Tobax -Extaziest/Golem – [Review]


Russian Electronic producer, Tobax returns with two fresh, crisp singles under Tomtek’s Kill Tomorrow stable. Recently, it has been making moves on the Beatport D&B Top 100 chart.

Basically, all that can be initially said in a nutshell is that, both songs a similarly club smashers to go all out and wild with and, not for relaxing and chilling out. The sweat breaks with the intricate production behind ‘Extaziest’; sweet and melodic in the beginning, and later in the breakdown but; the main ingredients it contains is roughness and a neuro-craze thus, a senseless behavior is the result. But, the best single between the two is definitely the demonic ‘Golem’, which sees LifeSize MC (Druid Records) flexing his dope skills on the lyrics, with a well-executed delivery with the effects layered on his voice being merely the cherry on top, frankly enough. Well, cutting matters short; you just gotta dig this banger, we favor it to be in the top ten for, it is deserving of being amongst the biggest tunes in the list in fact; it shouldn’t be underrated when it comes to being a contender, together with other major D&B hits this season.

His style is interestingly unique, and displays elements that are well thought of when creating this beautiful disturbance and noise just for pleasure, and passion. His signature sound is worth paying attention to.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Serotone Records – Matiflow – Broken Filter LP – [Review]


Broken Filter LP is a debut album by New Zealand duo, Matiflow (i.e. Cody Heu & Liam O’ Brien). The album also marks the second full release by Serotone Recordings, a label based in the UK.

The LP kick-starts with the title track then, moves to something experimentally interesting, called ‘Ghetto Gecko’ whereby; it’s a rare fusion made up of bouncy Trap beats; and some Jump-Up D&B when it drops; equaling into a club banger to definitely check out. Others to also really get down to are namely; ‘Smoko’; ‘Tin Foil’; and that progressiveness found in ‘Temple Glare’. We found, and liked other various flavors that the LP contains which; is considerate of the preference of the listeners. There’s that laid-back flow and ambience found in jams such as ‘Just Enough’; ‘Soul Wing’; and the oh-so-awesome ‘Time Will Tell’ which just takes it to a cloud 9 of nostalgia, ironically it is also a really deep song with a deep feeling. Another jam worth of note, is ‘To The Shore’ which, is a straightforward, all-round summer chart-topper and festival banger, respectively. We are pretty damn sure that, Rave peeps at fests are going to dig it for days. The joint that seals the LP is ‘Watis’, a head-banger, also with a Trap influence, and a lot of shock therapy to close it down.

Broken Filter is packed to the brim with ten songs, all different flavors, for different moods and settings. It is a really impressive album that is already destined to be a future classic, if not already.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela