Detail Recordings – Lynx – Street Lights/Jungle Side- [Review]


Detail Recordings and its front man/boss have been busy in the few months that have past, following the re-launch of the label. Whilst still enjoying the sequel to the Vault, we are hit with these two singles.

The first, ‘Street Lights’ is a really sick joint that can confidently go up against even the mainstream radio charts, and even conquer them if given the chance. Here, we are looking at something remarkable which also left us inspired by the message it sends out, compliments of the song writing and Master X’s vocal talents that beckon the ear to listen with undivided attention.  It’s nothing but a stimulation of happy, positive vibes that get the people going. Whilst the original mix runs for a good enough four minutes; the radio edit on the other hand is just a mere two, just to tantalise.

Next, is the bouncy and nasty ‘Jungle Side’; a tune that comprises of the old and new flavours of the Drum & Bass/Jungle sub-genre. Basically or simply put rather, it is a sheer example of Future Jungle, and can be a reference point to this fact for, the composition says it all.

Whether Lynx can be deemed as underrated or not, is irrelevant, the bottom line is that this D&B genius knows how to make banging moves in his music. He is a force to be reckoned with for days.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


Audio Addict Recordings – DJ Hybrid – Mixed Origins Remixes – [Review]


Mixed Origins was released last year and, it contained a total of fourteen tracks. Fast forward to the present; comes an eight-track, first volume to the album songs’ remixes with an array of contributors taking part in the task.

We have the likes of Callide (System Shock) putting slightly more energy, equally killing it with his idea of ‘It’s Murder’ from the top and; whilst going through and checking out all the artists in the list, it was anticipation and excitement to hear what Ray Keith (The Dread Recordings) and Benny L (Dance Concept) have set out do with their respective versions in the mixture. The former, comes through with his merciless Jungle sound, a signature he’s renowned for since way back in ‘Run Away Feat. Sinead McCarthy’, with the vocals blended in neatly in a very superb way. Benny L comes with the remix for ‘Bring It Back’, and it’s nothing but sheer, invigorating energy pumped full of turbo.
The rest of artists featured are the roster, are likes of the duo who go by the name Section (Jay B and Solley); DJ L.A.B (Fat Ape Jungle); Samurai Breaks with the “gully bass riddims and quick fast Samurai cuts” and; Schematic throwing in something rough but, fancy in the concoction. There’s also Livewire’s deep, dark and lovely remix to ‘Coming Up’ and thus, completing the eight tracks of the first volume.

The Mixed Origins Remixes is a clear definition of the title, literally and, it promises to offer a splash of different artist backgrounds and musical flavours for your ear buds, it doesn’t get nicer and diverse than this. Now, we await the second half of the mixture.

Words By: Tsheola “Vagabond’ Asavela

Fokuz Recordings – Air.k & Cephei – Just Because EP – [Review]


The never-disappointing Fokuz Recordings has once again… not disappointed. Presenting a very powerful and talented two-man team i.e. Air. K & Cephei with something brand new, and fresh with the season. They call it Just Because EP.

The song ‘Desire’ ignites the fire and lays it all out with an elevated atmosphere, defining a strong passion, which is ideal to enhance the mood. On the other hand, you have the magnificent sound of ‘Savannah’ which feels like it tells a story of a utopia you dream of visiting. If that’s the case then, this song is the map. Speaking of travels, the mystical ‘Shambala’ takes it deep, through the portals of the hollow Earth with bass lines sunken deep in the depths of the abyss. This for us is Intelligent Drum & Bass gone electrifyingly hard.

Three amazing numbers; plus the hard-hitting drums and the demented bass of the title song, ‘Just Because’ make up and complete this magnificent EP. The whole EP is basically made up of soothing classic instruments and soulful vocals, clashing with the sonic shocks of the electronics and the futuristic.

This is an open and shut case, why? Just, because it is that this release is hot. We recommend Just Because EP, no matter the party vibe, this goes well with it.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Fokuz Records -Need For Mirrors/Concord Dawn – Willow Grain EP – [Review]


Willowgrain EP marks another milestone in NDM’s music career although, it is just two songs; they add on a lot more weight than meets the eye. This time, the man behind Zoltar comes banging with Fokuz.

The title song of the EP features the legendary New Zealand duo, Concorde Dawn (Matt Harvey and Evan Short) in a one-of-a-kind collaboration; coming in with a moderate, mature Liquid sound that will have your feet tapping and have your head in a bit of a bop. It has this hypnotic melody that plays throughout the track which does wonders in making the song unforgettable for times to come. Besides that, it reminds me of a place in my imagination called Honeywater Park where the vibes are always sweet, tranquil and flowing.
As for ‘808 Mindstate’, the title speaks of commemorating the classic 808 drum with some serious activity and energy of the drum track; racing under a Jazzy and ambient atmosphere of the tune; and adding to the whole mix, is a speech sample that has been sort of modulated to sound distorted and old. This tune is an anthem for the beat makers and their drum machines or; generally speaking, all of us who love and celebrate the iconic, beautiful beat of the Roland 808.

This is pure, matured Drum & Bass at its finest. It is definitely worth listening to, and having in your most priced music collection, in general because, this is a win. Even NFM’s track record testifies the fact.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Translation Records – Out of Fuel – Ghost Notes EP – [Review]


The change of season comes with Translation Recordings dropping this EP by a group (duo) called Out Of Fuel who, have managed to deliver something interesting, and possessive of a cool title.

Ghost Notes EP contains a play of five tracks; with ‘Harsh Reality’ playing the role as the intro with a lonely, and chilled out attitude stretching for seven minutes. ‘Tension’ uniformly follows behind, maintaining that Minimal effect however, it contains a little more activity to cater for some body movement. The next number is rightly titled ‘Ghosts’ and it properly picks things up a notch, without the loss of the eerie atmosphere; and the ghostly, mystical theme. No doubt, it is quite a good song at that.

We enjoyed the Reggae and Dancehall inspired production behind ‘Wallyard Riddim’ and marvel at the creativity that inspired the outcome of this tune. It’s ideally something that blends in well with that outdoor, cool, relaxed, nice weather kind of vibe. Lastly, ‘Unconsciousness’ plays out smoothly to wrap it all up on a neat note.

Contrary to the group’s name; the EP keeps it moving steady but, at an easy-going, gentle pace. We recommended Ghost Notes EP for that mature, timeless texture of the music and of course, the good sound that comes out of it.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Tempo Records – Ink & Gremlinz – The Light EP – [Review]


Tempo Records brings us this special release by Ink & Gremlinz, and is proudly composed of just three joints. It is what has been simply summarised as “sinister and raw Drum & bass” by

This team-up between the two icons namely; Canadian-based producer/DJ, Gremlinz and; the UK’s DJ Ink, comes with some seriously diabolic tuneage that influences the mood. The title song is illuminated by a brief, gloomy intro of a speech sample then, drops to a renowned Jungle break. The pad of the song, accentuates scenery like that of breaking dawn.

In the middle of it all, stands ‘Triton’ whereby Ahmad (Acid Lab) is called in to put his touch of darkness in the mix and; ‘Dark Age’ blocks out the sunlight for the ending with an intriguing or rather, exciting drum track. The drums are followed by sounds lurking from the shadowy recesses of the tune; what a nice way to turn off The Light. With all said, this is pure stuff in its own right; also, bear in mind that, the release is particularly, a limited 12” clear pressed vinyl including; a cool ass poster to grace your wall thus, making it an item for the steadfast collectors.

In a nutshell; if you dig dark, smooth (whilst still raw), timeless Drum & Bass then, this is definitely for you no questions asked, and not much explanation needed. When respected legends come together, this is the expected outcome, enough is said.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela