Ignescent Recordings – Kije/Black Barrel/ChaseR – Microprocess/Neuromancer/Deep Water [Review]


Ignescent Recordings’ sixteenth release is in the form of a trinity of tracks courtesy of a trio of artists namely; ChaseR; Kije; and Black Barrel. The label has been quite busy lately, and this offering is what they open up the season with.

Kije kick-starts them things with some suspense on the opening of a tune titled ‘Microprocess’. The track sounds like a perfect balance between intricacy and simplicity but the atmosphere is definitely dark without compromise. Black Barrel follows up next with a dope, but really dirty and grimy bass line that gives this song a grotesque form; then the formation is lightly layered with a surreal vocal touch (probably sampled) to add a bit of soul to its being thus; resulting in ‘Neuromancer’. The third and last joint must be the favourite (no offence to the other two) number, and it bears the title ‘Deep Waters’ by ChaseR. The intro is sort of like dramatic in a sense, and runs for a minute and some seconds before submerging to the drop. The calming mood of the piano keys and the deep voice of the bass speak the same notes; and as it goes, there’s a cool effect in there that sounds like breathing equipment underwater which adds some emphasis as to what the tune is about.

This three-way offering is an epitome of the fact that Drum & Bass is actually quite sophisticated in its synthesis and overall production. So, if you like yours chilled with none of the darkness taken out then, this is for you.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Ignescent Recordings – ChaseR – Digital Jungle Space/My Vision – [Review]


Ignescent Recordings is steadily growing with every release now; coming out with their eleventh one with ChaseR once again. After noting the First Encounter EP (2016) which was the label’s fifth, he throws a double with this.

After listening, and pondering we speculate that this release is reflective on how ChaseR expresses and explains his views; as highlighted in the titles of the songs; and transmitted via artistically engineered sound waves i.e. music of course. Technicalities aside and just looking at ‘Digital Jungle Space’ for one; you instantly envision a utopic future on the peak of Trans-humanism whereby, there exists nothing much tangible, everything is virtual (including us). Now, take that mental picture and imagine it in a Drum & Bass dance floor gone AWOL…
As for the other jam, which is interestingly titled ‘My Vision’, we get to hear the artist’s creative vision perhaps. Whichever way it is, this is a fiery number that has that unexplained but, felt element of being a D&B classic. Like the first, it also starts with a grand, cinematic intro then; leads to an energetic “jump up” vibe and a voice sample for statement clarity; driven by melodies of the raw bass and a symphonic pad in the near background. This track is definitely a must-be hit!

As just like the last time we tried to summarize ChaseR’s style in just three words, being “raw; energy-filled, and timeless”. This record displays ChaseR’s interesting signature and recognition as a unique artist, besides it being a dope listen.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Ignescent Recordings – Nickbee – Space Tunnel EP – [Review]


Another blast from Oblast, NickBee once again drops another explosive, blazing release. He is out again, with an EP titled Space Tunnel this time which, is proudly brought to you by Ignescent.

Yet again, Nickbee showcases his creativity; and versatility in the music that he makes, all compressed in just four tracks. The EP kick-starts with the title song, and has a single artist feature being singer, Emily Harkness contributing a marvellous feat of surreal and angelic vocals over (damn!) those drums in ‘Chaos’. After hectically bopping our heads to the songs a few times over, we openly testify that this joint is undoubtedly our favourite number in the whole mix. Next to play is ‘Get It Closer’; a beautiful mess of grimy synthesis and gravitating bass lines over the mix. The jam’s atmosphere is nicely supplemented by a melodious voice that sounds distant, and creates scenery reminiscent of a Sci-fi setting from some other-worldly planet. The fourth and last track ‘Pandorum’ wraps up the EP with a heavy and dark theme, similarly as with all the songs on the track list.

Basically putting it in a nutshell; the experience that Space Tunnel EP offers, is an imaginative, mind journey through a Neuro D&B orientated sound space than just mere shuckin’ & jivin’ like a mad man on the Rave floor because, it has a lot of mental substance.

It is releases such as this EP that make NickBee an artist/producer of prominence and finesse. His music lifts a pioneering flag when it comes to Ukrainian, and inevitably D&B worldwide. As for this release, it is simply another timeless one from the Bee man.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela