Dispatch Recordings – Nymfo/Nymfo & Detail – Coming Through/Survivor/T.o.D – [Review]


One of the most prolific labels in the scene, “Dispatch Recordings”, marks off on their checklist yet another one of Nymfo’s compelling releases. Two solos and one more which sees a collab between him and Detail…

Now first on the affairs is a “Coming Through”, intro kept quite minimal so the track wastes no time in getting into the groove of things when the track drops into a murky warping bassline that subjects your body movement to steady paced stirring.

Bad boys move in some gangster funk beats for your ears as the second tune sees “Nymfo & Detail” tag teaming it. “Survivor”, clearly the tune made it out to be a really good one. Sinister on the intro and a bouncy roll out on the drop. This is a dancefloor propeller!

Latter on the line up of this release is “Tower of David” dumbing it down a bit from the previous tune but keeping the ball with skittering percussive work and ruffled up bass works.

Peep it and cop it below.

Release Date: 25 Aug



Free Love DiGi – Quentin Hiatus – Conspirators EP – [Review]


“Free Love Digi” record label sees Quentin Hiatus release a much in depth experimental piece of artistry on his label. “The Conspirators EP”, is composed of a four track exploratory journey which kicks off with a feature on the first tune which has the vocal works of “Kryptomedic” recited over a sinister minimalistic track called “Nyctophilia”.

Second round is taken up by “New Spirit” also engaging with the darkly menacing substance on the bassline front and a beat that’s on a mellow roll. Thirdly, “Hear Me” quickly sits nicely on your chest with its rich sub, so elegant with the flow. The final tune being “Don’t Touch That” being a bit lighter than the other 3 tunes, has thorough percussive influence on it and rumbling kicks.

Wether you’re into experimental bits or not, some of these tunes are sure to have you on the rewind vibes.
Scope this out on the link below:

Release Date: 18 Aug 2014

Blind Music Records – Blind Music EP 3 – [Review]


Back at it again, it’s Blind Music’s 3rd anonymous EP with more versatility than a magician could flex. 4 tracks, percussion driven tunage, junglist throw downs. If it’s good it’s good, just put it out there for people to enjoy. There’s no need for labelling really, and that’s what Blind Music is showcasing. A fine composure of alluring sounds where they’ve not restricted the usage of different instruments to get different feels and with that being able to fix in bits of different genres together and create such worldly music for your ears to succumb to.

You can grab this EP below on their Bandcamp link: