Utopia Music – Fields – On Your Own/Colours – [Review]


Here’s a solo release from a name which is solidifying it’s self in your conscious. Utopia Music is really packing heat with the recent releases, this time sees Fields dispersing two new tracks.

Now on the A is On Your own, which I would call future gangster dnb which is packing the most sinister bounce for this marching drum pattern. Having sampled vocals from Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” track, this levels it up proper. This is nicely toned up with quite a gritty bassline to bruise your sanity.

Colours drops on the B side with more of a tech-step tailoring with quite a muffling bass sound giving it a sense of a moody little roller. This may inspire skanky vibe movement, groove harzard.

Release Date: 28 September


Killscreen records – Thrashpilot – Red Moon/Stampire – [Review]

label centre

Back at it again is Killscreen recording‘s latest digital offering. Label boss Thrashpilot bagging two new tracks at his disposal.

1st tune up is Red Moon firing up an intro that creates a scenery of a bleak world with sounds of a lurking hostility. Then drops steadily marching in puppeting your limbs in a calm manner. Not much cluster in this one as you can feel and hear the space in the track as various sounds ricochet your thoughts down an atmospheric trip. With a sub-bassline that sets the drive in the kick mid-way making this one out to be a refreshing stepper.

Stampire is no mellow vibe at 1st as it goes in thumping almost from the get go only to break away into this chopping run incorporated with somewhat distorted vocal work that sit very well with the variety of this coarse track. This certainly sparks an immediate intrigue when suddenly dropped.

Release Date: September 15