Science Frikshun’s 5th Birthday

MC Cosmo 

The ever so awesome SF Massive.

So about 5 year ago, Drum ‘n’ Bass gave birth to a kid called ‘Science Frikshun’ who grew up to become one of the biggest ravers of our time.

Being Joburg’s premier Bad boy bass movement, thousands and I mean literally thousands of people came out to celebrate the 5 years of Frikshun.
A thousand free tickets were given away for this monster of an event which clearly weren’t enough and kind of caused a mass hysteria in the process
on Facebook when the link for the tickets wasn’t working at the time they said the tickets should be out. A lot of people reported to have had an unproductive
day at work and school while waiting for the link for the tickets to be put up.
When the link was finally out there and working the free tickets were gone in a matter of 45Min’s with the site constantly crashing due to the heavy traffic of
more than 4000 people all wanting to get their hands on those tickets. It was epic vibes in the air even before the day of the event.
So the day dawned on us, Science Frikshun always gives me this nervous but exciting buzz as soon as I get to doors of Town Hall.
Two massive queues snaked down along Carr street one for the paying dnb fiends and one for the guys who scored the free tickets.
Big of an event this was, as it was staged between two rooms one being Town Hall and the other being The Woods. On the main floor, Town Hall
side one was greeted by the exuberant, luscious sound of BenSon serving the DnB starter menu, Liquid! Wasn’t too long until he started whipping out some ferocious tunes. This is one man I know who knows how to lure the crowd into the Lion’s Den.
The Liquid King. BenSon!

Next room we got slapped in the face with some cheeky Dubstep from the Ambush, Some really filthy synth work possessed that room. Not really my dose 

of bass so I hurried back to my upbeat sounds to catch up on Mr Green packing some gangsta bounce in his bass he set people’s souls bouncing of the walls.
His grittier edge of tunes locks one up in a dungeon of merciless basslines.
Further on went back to the second floor to suss out if the coast was clear only to find Blindfolders swinging mad vibes in the air quickly steaming up the room with body heat getting the crowd buck wilding absurdly so. I needed to sit down, but as soon as did I quickly stood up from the couch as if something pricked me but no, I actually got pulled in by the ‘Noisia and the Upbeats – Dustup’ tune that I heard being dropped in the other room. Found that Mr Green was finishing off his set…
Mr Green

Reepa came on diving and rolling in the deep whip cracking the bass at the heads of the masses giving them whip lashes. His tune selection was outrageous. The 

intense vibes in the room gave out an awesome buzz like feeling. This dude is one of the very few I know who knows how to serve Drum ‘n’ bass on a silver platter. With no holds back! Throwing in some incredibly LFO’ed synthesis that drills right through your skull getting to that fragile part of your brain that could render you as mentally ill. He was straight gunning for the kill.

Science Frikshun’s head honcho RudeOne, the man behind the great night took over from Reepa. The man is known for his great versatility behind the decks, swiftly moving through the Sub-Genres of DnB. He was being articulate with the dropping of tunes as always, seriously though, this dude mixes two original tunes so effortlessly giving you such a mind fuck he’ll have you convinced that you actually think you know that remix :/ Only to find there is no remix to any of those tunes. Heavy fuckin’ bizzle! The 5th birthday brought about a sneaky 5 hour set from this lad with MC Cosmo giving a signature sound of SA DnB MC’ing keeping the crowd on lockdown as the dancefloor carnage proceeded. One just had to tread carefully on the dancefloor incase you might just step on somebody’s mind, I saw a lot of people lost theirs during RudeOne’s harsh beatings. People need to be careful of this guys double drops.

I couldn’t ask for more, I was beat, this is always the case, for once I actually wanted to leave earlier. In the past years that I’ve always been at Frikshun I’ve never 
wanted to leave early, only left when we got shutdown… It’s an Addictshun 🙂 
It’s amazing how high Frikshun always raises the bar and still tops it off. I’m convinced, every Frikshun party is one for the books 🙂

Get to know who runs thingz.

Reepa’s mix from the 5 years of Frikshun!

Words: Antoanator

Photography: Trigger Monkey Photography