Faded Music Records – Collaboration LP – [Review]


Faded music, an imprint that stems from a producer that hails from the Ukraine. Fade. Certainly not a new name in the game, Fade has solidified his name with releases within prestigious labels. This time Fade offers some us some refreshing artistry on his own imprint. The Collaboration LP.

Faded Music approach on this new LP sees a whole host of different artists working with Fade. With some experimental bits, this collab is set to cater for every ear bud on and off the dancefloor. Some minimalistic dishes, intelligent bassline designs and flaring funk on the beats. Get to know this offering!
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Release Date: 28July/Aug


Blind Music Records – VA – Blind Music EP.2 – [Review]


Blind Music which is aimed at promoting music at a different approach. Anonymously. The label is on their second release where in their first project saw the imprint focusing on a straight DnB EP. However, the second EP sees the imprint displaying a different feel on this one to show that they are not going to be focused only on certain style but will flex with different feels.

This three track VA anonymous EP boasts an uncanny nature with the introduction of the first tune. Experimentation is the order of the day of the day on this one. The second tune is n’t far off different from the first tune as it also employs minimalism on it’s delivery but more dance-floor friendly with the ominous flow. The last tune for this EP also flows in gracefully from the second track with a flare of futuristic embroidery at a flawless delivery.

This EP shows how this label is determined to jab at how you think you understood how some things things are “meant” to flow. Check it. Blind Music. It’s easy to think to think a track will be a hit just ‘coz it comes from a certain artist ‘coz they’ve been dishing out bangers. As losing one sense, the others are heightened. This is where Blind Music draws from.

Release Date: 11 June

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