Detail Recordings – Lynx -Bean Stash/15th Time Lucky – [Review]


With 2016 nearing a close, Detail Recordings has been open and; Lynx has been bringing us release after release non-stop. This recent offer is yet another addition to his ever-increasing discography.

Okay, we have just two tracks to jam to and; with one of them having the very, well-known Zero One as a featured artist, we knew with certainty that it’s a super jam before even clicking on the ‘play’ button. The name of the song is called ‘Bean Stash’, and it makes some mash out of those beans, for days. From the second it plays, it instantly hooks with a clean Apache break and some distorted alarm sounds first; does a sort of double build-up then, drops to a concoction of dizzy and buzzing bass lines. The countless hits add to the excitement, in the company of interesting zaps of electricity, and also; the song decides to take a short turn, somewhere in the middle whereby; the break changes a bit. It may be weird and different but, it is definitely dope. ‘15th Time Lucky’ is also quite nice and excited too, not forgetting unpredictable as well as to the different directions it takes, especially around the first minute or so. We could also add that, it is also one jolly and crazy song that’s quite fun to listen and to move to, without any worries however; it does travel with ease and smoothness.

This freshest release from the Detail Recordings is without a lie, something really different and seemingly experimental in some way. It is sure to capture the heads who love their D&B all creative and explorative because, it does stand out.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


Red Light Records – Monty – Far Side/Alarm It – [Review]


Optiv is one of the top noted producers/artists to have played a huge role in shaping the D&B genre. With this release that he presents via his label, Red Light Records, he brings to the stage Monty.

Straight from Toulouse, France; this DJ/producer is giving us two heart and ear-pounding singles to get wild to. With the first tune being ‘Far Side’; strictly coming at it with that fast-paced, techy vibe which possess that renowned style of that proper, old-skool or preferably, classic Tech-Step Drum & Bass spirit. Then, with ‘Alarm It’ we have something headed straight for the home-run meaning; this jam is a definite hit for the Raves and D&B airwaves. Yep, it does not compromise in invoking that move-your-body-now factor; with a Bass Face to second it. See, when this joint drops, it results in mayhem emanating from all those effects; amidst the drums and the speech from the angry bass and; the play of the vocal sample, neatly laid over like a cherry on top, adds a finishing touch to the flavor.

No lie, after just hearing only these two songs, it is enough to guarantee Monty as a talented producer to really look out for. This is an ideal example and is proof enough of an artist with a notable, undeniable craft.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Terminal – VA – NODE OXOOA EP – [Review]


The Node EP is made up of a total of six acts coming together and, presenting Terminal’s second installment of this label’s various artists (VA) endeavors to date.

To quote their modus operandi which is: “Bringing Heavy Tech” simply enough. If however, that is not enough for comprehension, listening to these four, nicely done tracks will display a brief example.

Our main, chosen favorites are; Optiv & CZA with the mysterious, far-away sound we find in ‘Strangelands’ and; ‘Clone’ by Malux on track three. The former, is an awesome auditory marker that tells the time, meaning; it packs that midnight-at-the-club kind of vibe. It progresses and races with a relentless spirit and; is quite a versatile joint to blend in. The latter, is more sinister though, and it seems like Malux’s intent is as criminal as the pharmaceutical companies with his sonic administration. Note how, after it breaks for the atmospheric interval, the build-up expands and, anticipation kicks in as if the drop is going to be mad explosive but instead, it resumes in a decent manner contrary to the overall gravity and weight of it.

Expect to also hear Current Value’s rough, rugged but, banging ‘Subconscious’. This definitely puts to notice a slight, demented shift in the psyche then; it’s only fathomable as to why it is titled so. Not in the least, but right at the end like a tail is ‘Wildcat’ on a not so inconspicuous ambush, to finally shutting it down in a beastly manner of course.

No lie, all four tunes are inferno blazers on the dance floor, at least; one of them deserves a spot on the D&B charts (the Beatport Top 100 releases for instance). Be it the old or, new skool; Tech-Step fans will really dig Node EP.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Boundless Beats Records – SubMarine – Nitro/30 Pictures – [Review]

bb005_submarine_cover_1440_x_1440Cologne brings out one of its artists and, it is presented by Boundless Beatz. SubMarine A.K.A Jonas Briere is the name and Drum & Bass DJ/Producer is the game and, he brings two singles with him to the table.

The single ‘Nitro’ sounds like an auditory rendition of a submerged craft in the depths of a cold ocean; with refreshing pad sounds that make up the basic, tranquil anatomy of this song’s structure. From beginning, until the end it flows easily with ambient textures and atmospheres. In addition, a remix made by Boundless Beatz very own, Wintermute is the extra treat included and; unlike the original mix, this latter version comes through with a boost and thus, shifts from that deeply and relaxing atmosphere, into something with more power and speed. However; emphasis is not too much on that but, it is just good enough to make it an appropriate dance floor wonder.

Listening to the next one, ‘30 Pictures’ which; is also an easy-going, smooth ride and together; the two singles give off an idea as to this artist’s general style of production. Well, the outcome is a clean, polished and mature sound to relax to any day.

With support from heavyweights like DBridge; Subwave; Xtrah; amongst more is already a recommendation to give SubMarine a good listen. On that note, he’s got the goods and indeed, is one to look out for.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Lockdown Recordings – Trex – Burnt Paradise EP – [Review]


Lockdown Recordings UK is bringing out their twenty-eighth release with Trex and, it is tragically titled Burnt Paradise. We wonder if it has to do with Castlevania’s Portrait of Ruin, either way; it does pack heat.

His quick come-back with this interesting EP, via Lockdown Recordings comes with some heavy hitters indeed. Coming across tracks like ‘Trife Life’ and ‘Cloudy Eyes’ invokes that aggressive energy from within when one is seriously at it, with their main ingredients being some rolling drums and rumbling synthesis that gives the music a dark flavor to jam hard to. Both these two joints are promising of making it to the charts or many-a-DJ playlists out there.

The final song, ‘Crumble Down’ is the only slowed down exception here but even so, the EP’s theme of darkness and destruction is still maintained, and ended with a Jungle tip to easily step to. Not forgetting the title track ‘Burnt Paradise’; it welcomes the ear with hard-core roughness and dirty vibes but, that does not mean the mix or mastering ain’t clean for, the clarity and perfection herein is super and, caters these powerful songs well without irritating someone who is not familiar with the vibes.

On that note, Trex’s style is a neat balance of deep atmospheres and harmonics, together with rich, raw and dark flavors, well; at least that is the précis of the UK producer’s style in this conceptual EP.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

MethLab Recordings – Hydro – Ethos EP – [Review]


The third, yet another one from the BNKR series is back, courtesy of MethLab Recordings. As we near the end of year, it returns with Hydro dropping a one-of-kind release that he named Ethos.

The whole EP is a mash-up of collaborative works, containing input from the likes of these well-known artists: Mateba; Villem; and sees War making three appearances out of the total of four tunes. Namely; there’s the Minimal sounds of ‘Time’ with its tranquil reverbs and lonely echoes; immediately followed by ‘Faus Amis’ which is also Minimally-orientated. The sampled laughter of a man adds an interesting, unexpected flavor to it and; also, the other chopped sample of what sounds like a Middle-Eastern/Oriental chant, just creates a distant, ancient, desert feel to the whole song. War also contributed in ‘Nothing To Lose’, with Mateba also adding his touch to the mix to come up with an avant-garde joint. In just a few seconds to the three-minute mark, the song undergoes the first of a few, unpredictable and interesting transitions, but making sure that it maintains the songs theme and momentum with ease. This puts to light every individual’s distinct style or creativeness without damaging the song’s overall vibe however; you’d swear that you were listening to mix.

In the title track, Hydro features the highly talented Villem, with a bopping jam that takes the mind on a journey on a mixed train of thoughts but, not too serious in its depths.

The EP is sort of psychedelic, and is able to make the listener somewhat high on the music it has to offer. The level of production and skill that Hydro has got is just amazing and exceptional. So, Ethos EP definitely gets thumbs up.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela