Mainframe Recordings – DubApe – Unstoppable EP [Review]


Unstoppable EP is another release by DJ/producer, DubApe, making it Mainframe Recordings’ ninety-fourth and thus, getting the label a step closer to a hundred records. The young Austrian producer’s focus from Dub-Step to mainly D&B has added more recognition, as well as furthering his reputation as a musician to this point.

The EP contains four tracks that come in different flavours, showcasing some mean production skills. It comes with tunes that portray a dark and imposing nature like the spine-chilling effect of childish and/or distorted utterings that echo off the walls of ‘Why’; to the full and yet, empty paradox when it comes to how ‘One Year’ sounds with that Industrial touch. The latter, is definitely suitable for beginning a club set that’s destined to be a heavy one from what follows this jam. The first and last tracks here are bound to smash! There’s the hard and heavy-hitting spirit that controls the raging and raving ‘Delirium’ that is totally off the hook. The other one, ‘Unstoppable’ definitely lives up to the reputation of being a dope title song. It features emcee, Patch Edison; has a nice melody from the piano; backed up by the strong, rich bass behind it all. This song is an anthem as much as it is a mission statement, a piece that invokes inspiration from the instruments at play, to the empowering chorus; and the lyrical content that Edison delivers superbly.

It’s really impressive and admirable how DubApe shows the diversity in his productions, and his style is amongst the unique ones too when it comes to signature. Unstoppable is a production that continues an impressive record for this Vienna producer.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Viper Recordings – Brookes Brothers – Orange Lane LP – [Review]


Finally! It’s been a long time coming… the long awaited sophomore album, Orange Lane by the Brookes Brothers has met its D-day at last. This special release also marks Viper Recordings’ twentieth LP thus far, and the duo’s twelve years of being in the game.

 The Orange Lane experience can be defined in simpler terms, as an immersion of Soul and Funk; Disco; in a sonic setting that’s progressively artistic throughout thirteen tracks and a handful of talented artists. With an exception of just a few joints, the LP is packed with awesome collaborations. To name a few; there’s Pierre Da Silva (twice) delivering his impactful lyrics done smoothly; Charlotte Haining’s angelic mesmerism; and ShezAr, another song bird who’s featured in ‘Flashing Lights’ with Bossman Birdie dropping a verse. ShockOne makes his appearance right at the top; respectively titled ‘The One’– introduced with a cinematic atmosphere before that iconic “Brookes Brothers sound” distinctly marks the spot. It’s quite a lively, colourful production of sorts (and un-skippable really) ranging from chilled and mature stuff, to Liquid jams for summer days. An epitome of panache through the futuristic experimented with the most soulful of elements. Some of the tracks even display this with impressive transitory switches in them, e.g. ‘All About You’ and ‘Waiting Right Here’  which follow each other. Can’t forget the serious bangers and chart hits like ‘Climb High’ with Danny Byrd; some ‘Now I’m Found’; as well as the uplifting and triumphant feels behind ‘Carry Me’. About two months prior to the release, ‘Moving On’ dropped as a tantalizing teaser, and track 5 herein. Thing is, much more can be said about Orange Lane LP but words aren’t enough, only feeling is. Rest assured, these guys come with the new without even slightly veering from their renowned style of production.

This album not only continues to shape the duo’s artistic signatures and achievements or an advancement as musicians but, it’s also significant of that moment of epiphany reminding you as to why you love D&B. Undoubtedly destined to be amongst the greatest album of its kind. We give Brookes Brothers a Raver’s salute!

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

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The Dreamers Recordings – Jazzatron – Little Bull EP [Review]


Straight from Turin, Italy hails Jazzatron with a brand new release courtesy of The Dreamers Recordings. It is an EP the cute title Little Bull which has four tracks that the duo has managed to cook up.

The EP is basically made of a Jungle flavoured theme with the title track being the first song to come up- a mysterious tune filled with eerie, weird sounds that reverberate to fill the still emptiness. It is then followed by ‘Bass Trump’ with its spacey, classic Techno/Rave synth in the opening; and there’s no denying its catchy beat; and the grime in it. However, it is not a Jungle tune in an orthodox sense but, does have that element to compliment it, and is something ideal to kick-start a DJ set with. As for ‘Ulterior Jungle’, it is definite in terms of sticking to the tradition, and it is a definite hit. It can be classified as Future Jungle by the way it sounds, and we elect it as the favourite. Things are wrapped up with ‘Ron Mango’ which is slightly similar to ‘Bass Trump’ in the style of production but, this one is a bit more chilled. So, herein we have two strictly Jungle tunes; and two joints of the easy-going and laid-back type of vibes to make up Little Bull EP.

You just got to give a salute of admiration to Alessandro Raise and Fabio Del Galdo for their musical talent and experience as a pair, evident in their various ways and forms that they produce music to date. After listening to a few of their previous stuff, this current release is just one example of their ever-evolving sound.


Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Good Karma Music – Imba – Infinite EP [Review]


Good Karma Music is an Australian, independent electronic and bass music label that’s been around since 2014. The label was founded by a duo called Terrence & Phillip (not the Canadians), and it is mainly focussed more on D&B. As an example, we have Imba dropping again on GKM but not a single. This time it is an EP.

Infinite EP equals four tracks, including the title track which comes on track 2. It’s a double feature; with vocalist, Leah Costello; and Octo Pi throwing in a hand on this 7min.-long number. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece that transcends the average utopic music mind set, on top of being purely made of the substance that D&B classics are made of. The last track, ‘Dynasty’ is also a collab; this time pairing with Tremah in creating something this rich, and sonically neat. Strictly on the solo side we have ‘Starlight’; and also back to the top where the EP opens up with those elevating and yet, emotional atmospheres and elements of ‘Feel You’ which. Those aspects of the song are energetically driven by the strong Amen break; and the 1-2 beat when it makes a transition somewhere in the middle, before returning to the initial break beat.

The length of all the songs in here is over the 5min. marker which makes the bliss of enjoying the EP last a bit longer. It’s also amazing how Imba’s paints vivid pictures with the soundscape, when it speaks for itself. A round of applause goes out to Infinite EP.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

C4C Recordings – Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Consistency of Error LP – [Review]


The rumours have settled to be true with regards to the stir up news of Italian Trio Inward, Hanzo & Randie catapulting an LP of sorts this year. Debuting a 10 track LP on the C4C Recordings imprint, we’re presented with the “Consistency of Error” LP for our sonic delight.

So we’re here, going through the tracks and wondering how just how some of these ideas are filtered through into such productions and I can only reason that sometimes you these things just play themselves out as you’re trying to achieve something else but the error in doing so creates something else which may actually be better than what you had in mind. Now, could that be what happened with this LP with regards to its title? Haha. Now the boys have had peoples ears perked up for some time with the few releases they’ve had going around throughout the months following up to this LP release and surely it’s a delivery worthy of note!

“Skorpio” the opening track sends you plummeting deep sea before you could even catch the title of the track then you’re somewhat aided by Tune-X with a Synth Ethics feature that will have you staggering with its really techy bits on display. The follow up to this is an electrifying “Dirt” tune which kinda rolls out like unsafe live-wire springing about from the ground up. It’s an energy infused LP brimming with intensity. Think of a rad place where this could get delivered, soak it in those vibes cause that’s where this shit is getting rinsed! Don’t forget to breathe while listening you’re at it. So big up to the crew on this release!

Bare Noize x Standard & Push – Molly – [Review]



The guys over at Bare Noize have teamed up with another duo Standard & Push, to catapult into sonic warfare the sinister breed they fostered together that bears a disfigured touch that has its palms faced on the wrong side of its hands, and they it named it ‘Molly’.

A time-travelling sound that embodies influences past and present swinging them right back at you like a boomerang, this is the stir up “Molly’ erupts with doused in the resonance of a Dubstep nature, from kicking things off with a militant suspense, a propelling build up to a shattering drop that paints a picture of buildings collapsing in slow motion around you whilst sinking the very ground you stand on. The track also takes a paced up switch on the second drop to further spice things up in its atrocity! Really sick vibes coming from all involved!

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