Commercial Suicide – Klute – ‘Read Between The Lines’ LP – [Review}


From the release of his first solo album (not mention everything in between his extensive discography) Casual Bodies (Certificate 18) back in 1998, Klute is back with a full album after a busy four years. This marks as his eighth album… Read Between The Lines.

Heavenly loaded with fifteen tracks with the idea of it all being based on “urging to look beyond face value…” and not just in his music he says but, “… with everything you experience in life”… Open sesame! A heavenly introduction with Naomi Pryor as the singing angel before Stamina MC takes over the vocal booth on ‘Lose My Way’ carrying on thus, where the intro left off but; adding the beat of the nicely programmed drum pattern and the dominating percussions to run with it. We also come across seriously nice, banging jams such as ‘Lost Sales’; ‘Soul Boy’ and; amongst a handful of others, is a super jam titled ‘Game Is Over’ featuring the legendary, D&B vocal extraordinaire Robert Manos killing it with some deadly Soul. And, it’s not only the Drum & Bass genre from start to end because; there’s the likes of ‘Accept Our Power’; ‘Earth Spits Out The Living’; and that Gospel (not in that orthodox sense) vibe of ‘Clappy’; and so on to also tickle your fancy. The LP also sees ‘You Won’t Like It’ included in the mix of which, is in an EP of the same name that came out in 2015. This album sounds like a spiritual affair and not just mere dance. It wonderfully closes the curtains with ‘We Will Return’, in a similar fashion that it opened in i.e. soothing atmospheric, heavenly vibes.

Read Between The Lines touches the heart and soul, period. It is absolutely magnificent and, is another Klute classic to collect and cherish (also in the form of a 12” vinyl triplet and a CD) because, this right here is one of Tom’s greatest releases.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


BNC Express – Legal – More Than You Need EP – [Review]


More That You Need is the first official release by Legal, another emerging young lad in the forever-expanding Drum & Bass sphere. He, together with the label, BNC Express brings us a taste of what Italy is made of in this instance.

The EP is strictly an instrumental serving and, explores different tastes of D&B dished out across five tracks, with ‘Ginger’ as the starter with its vibrant, jolly play of instruments that flow like Liquid-Funk; and a smooth element of Jazz (saxophone) as the icing. Next, comes in the majestic, regal sound of ‘Red Fox’ which compliment that mature zest with its Soul and Funk that makes the body move with finesse. ‘Railroad’ takes things to a different direction, and fast as soon as it drops. The intro is an interesting feat, how it goes a bit like Dancehall (but with class) and then; getting into the main track, as you hear, goes fast and hoots like an express train. We reckon this could be BNC Express’s anthem track simply because of the sounds that creatively make up the tune. And then, things go dim when ‘Access Denied’ and the last joint, ‘Make A Difference’ starts by fading into the opaque abyss on the kick of the first drop thus, changing the EP’s direction. To give an idea of what this sounds like, think Spectrasoul however, this couplet does bear the artist’s unique signature.

It’s interesting to note how all five songs carry distinctness of course, highlighting Legal’s interesting signature when it comes to producing his music. The album is really something different and enjoyable, not to mention living up to what the Italians are renowned for, and that is style.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Kill Tomorrow Records – ChaseR – Dead End EP – [Review]


Dead End is an EP that is brought to us by Kill Tomorrow Recordings and produced by ChaseR. It comes wrapped up with four raw original mixes, and is the label’s second release in the year so far.

From the top is the ‘Dead End’ title track with its clean drum sounds and an overall clean production. Then, the raw, buzzing synthesis in ‘Release The Beast’ and  ‘Robotics’ puts things to order and perspective with sadistic, fused, and twisted elements that have a tinge of some old school styles but, refined to suit the current state of the Neuro and Tech subgenres. The style of production that ChaseR applied here is rampant throughout the four songs and so, the theme of the work is quite clear. And, as for the fourth joint, ‘Gold Rush’ it is a club anthem competitor in its own right because it is a hot number to look out for, and it is a pretty gruesome way of ending things on a note.

With ChaseR, we know what to expect and that is; some raw, hardness aimed straight at the dance floor for that wild night at a kick-ass Rave. The Dead End EP is a not too shabby piece of work.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Blackout Music NL – Current Value – Starfleet EP – [Review]



Has anybody been keeping track on the ample material Sir Current Value has been dishing out as of late, ’cause we’re still trying to catch our breath from his recent releases? Now back on the imprint that regards itself as a supplier of a staple diet of the heavy and darker side of Drum n Bass over the years. Which it has truly solidified itself in, Blackout Music sees CV’s ‘Starfleet’ EP which has come to bear 6 audio sculptures which are set to reforge your hearing sensory passage.

The man that runneth sophisticated techstep, neuro sizzling productions has worked his wizardry tech on the title track which opens up this EP with heinous chiseling synth works and trance inducing chugging drum work which will leave you seeking a skin graft after a listen. Coming in secondly is ‘Electrify’, funny how it’s only now he’s come up with the title ‘electrify’ for one of his tunes whereas most of his tracks have been nothing but an electric buzz. Now the vibes on this one trickle with stab like shards grooving throughout the tune. ‘Agility’ can be well felt in its intro with splintered percussion. No doubt that on the drop, the track actually takes the form of its name, and packing with it so much grit in its journey. Then on the fourth count is a track coming in on the intro with a female sample that reads the tune name ‘Mind’s Nature’. Now the alarming sound at the drop and the robot-like sound of the female sample depicts a sci-fi like scene in the age of AI trying to hide from machines. Now to seal of this EP comes in ‘Rectangular’, a track that completely caught me off guard on the drop, as its a ball of searing sounds rapidly bouncing off the four sides of its name but still well contained in it’s marching drum pattern. With the ample amount of tunes CV is rapidly releasing he definitely  isn’t compromising on the quality of his work. ‘Starfleet’ EP is another stellar produce in his discography!


Words: Toan

Addictive Behaviour Records – Data 3 – Something Strange – [Review]


MIDA, Syrum, and Bryson or rather; the trio that makes up Data 3 have come back with something fresh, consisting of two tracks via Addictive Behaviour. The label’s artist roster is constantly strengthened by such acts.

Deep, dark, and rolling vibes is the style these three are recognized for and, they did exactly that with this one. It becomes no wonder as to why they have gained support from a number of the scene’s heavyweights. Let’s take the title track, ‘Something Strange’ for one; it is made of an enigmatic soundscape that shines a light on the eerie loneliness of night. In simpler, D&B terms; it reverberates with one hell of Reese and slashing saw; the deepest sub; and a non-stop sort of melody made of hypnotising beeps, audibly not too far in the background. And, as for what is dubbed as the ‘Magician’s Number’ in occult circles, the second track titled ‘Eleven’ is a surreal, racing trip. A clean instrumental joint, that has an element of some fast-paced Drum-Funk in it, is what we think and; we really dug its flow and uniqueness. It is the kind of song that can blend in neatly when making transitions in a set especially, to liven and pick things up. However, its liveliness does not give away its mysterious side which, is up to the mind to portray.

Something Strange is a fix made for the serious fiends and their habit and; the three scientists that make up Data 3 have surely synthesized this dope product that makes the heart pump strong.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Soul Trader Records – Satl – From Time EP – [Review]


The man who dropped a bombin’ gem, which is the You And I EP that came out last year.  The year is still pretty new and, Satl already has some releases out.  This EP, From Time is amongst them.

It’s quite rare, especially nowadays, to find an untitled song and, this release ticks off with a non-descript title.  However, the title or message of the tune is found in its Liquid goodness; and features Harland.  After that, a happy, capturing hook starts its time with its own tick, and it gets nice because it goes “Everybody loves the sunshine” when it takes it to sheer bliss.  We definitely dig this one because we do love some cool and chilled Liquid jams during the summer days and, we do get down.  The title song, ‘From Time’ is neatly set as track three and; it just takes it to the highest levels of well-crafted music, which just elevates passion and emotion.  It is quite an impressive jam, with some beautiful vocals to go with it. The fourth and final joint is complimentary of the previous statement, and is demandingly titled ‘Let’s Fall In Love’.  This closer, is the EP’s victory run, and displays some serious, rapid, machine-gun firing drum play of the Jungle beats; with the shape-shifting of the Amen to Apache-like.

No lie, Satl has produced another musical jewel with this one and thus; shall be a classic for the times. This, compared to You And I, is the next level, coming at its right time.

Words By: Tsheola  Asavela