NexGen Music – V/A – Northen Lights EP – [Review]


‘Nexgen Music’ is a very cross-genred label which has also been working with television and other entertainment industries on musical compositions. There’s been quite a lot of summer vibe releases recently and nexgen didn’t wanna fall short of that. So a four track EP is due on this label comprising of various artists bringing forth excellent flavours.

Northern lights‘ being the title of the EP as well as the title of the 1st track on it by ‘Faible‘. Presenting a colourful roller taking a jazzy feel about it, accompanied by soothing vocals of Iriann Joyce make for a luxurious song.

The take on ‘Disco Inferno‘ by ‘D.A, Clart and mSdoS‘ is also jazzy although with a chopped up drum work getting the track rolling. Very relaxing piano work. Definite stunner.

Physical Illusion‘ and ‘Sunny Crimea’s‘ craftsmanship on ‘Something About Love‘ certainly messes with the heartstrings. A very emotive piece with a drum pattern to lose yourself in a gentle manner. The repeated vocals “You’re all alone now” are quite thought provoking… Late night rollers. Broken hearts beware…

On the D side is ‘Reborn‘ having a take on video game snippets in a very enticing manner, also an emotive piece ingeniously constructed. ‘Mario in Computer Hell‘ is quite the experimental piece breaking out of sub-category confinement. This is the realness!

A definite need to have for chilled vibes!

Release Date: September 9


Estate Records – Skittles – ‘In For Me’ Remixes – Jubei, Need For Mirrors, Metrodome – [Review]


Estate recordings have it in for us via Manc vibes ‘Skittles’ on his “In For Me” refixes. Resuscitating this tune that dropped in 2012 on Skittles ‘Poor With £100 Trainers’ album which took a stab at the industry is Metal Headz golden boy ‘Jubei’ kicking off these vibes on a sub driven stepper on the 12″. Also on the 12″ mutating this on the flip is ‘Need For Mirrors’ on a rapid gangster drum rework giving off a dark vibe about it. There’s a third flip to this again as Manchester’s newcomer ‘Metrodome’ dabbles this rework on a Hip-Hop tip which is bass driven as hell. This most definitely goes down proper. This package of course comes with the original tune on a digital release with Metrodome’s rework.

Release Date: Aug 26

Warm Comms Records – Seba / Blu Mar Ten – Shades Of Me & You / Never Let you Go (Remix) – [Review]


As the last bits of summer are dying out in the UK one can still find them resonating in the latest offering from Warm Comms imprint in the likes of Swedish producer Seba, coupled with a remix on one of his tunes by Blu Mar Ten. As ‘Seba‘ makes his comeback on digital store shelves ever so subtle in his forte of liquid productions, the ‘A’ side of this release is a classy “Shades of Me and You” that carries a depth of feeling with luxuriant pad work and delicate female vocals that give a warm brush of air. Warmth is the order of this track inspiring intimate like emotions…

On the flip, the ‘AA’ is a stunning remix of “Never Let You Go” by ‘Blu Mar Ten’ maximisimg the atmospheric nature of this track. Definitely with added BMT signature work on that narcotic mellower take leaving the appeasing vocals that solidify this composition into a stunner of a track. Meticulous design all in all. This is music with a texture

Release Date: August 19

Symmetry Records – Break – Music is Better / Hydro, Villem, Mako, Fields – Celestine [Review]


Symmetry Recordings releases SYMM009 with a strong pair of tracks, namely; ‘Break – Music Is Better’ and ‘Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem – Celestine’.

‘Break – Music Is Better’ starts off with a magic progression of keys, strings and guitars. The electric bass guitar slides in with beauty as the half time beat accentuates the groove with a tight rim shot. A sneaky sample makes an appearance on the vocals, boosting what is an already deep and soulful intro.

Incredible music blessing the ears as the DNB beat kicks in, just amazing really, as the breakdown approaches and the builds rise a nasty bass drop hits with a vengeance. Massive stuff! Break has done it again, bringing the amazing worlds of Neuro and Soul together like only he can! His bass tones in this one are particularly full and the general mix is absolutely spotless and organic! Dance-floor smasher alert!! There are a bunch of really great touches in the form of effects risers, time-stretched and reversed vocals, the details in this song are just pure madness!

Proving his status as one of the finest producers in the business, an absolute scientist of sound and one who gets music and understands soul, which can be rare when you reach this level of production genius.

‘Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem – Celestine’ opens with atmospheric drones, pads and a lovely Rhodes sample, setting up the groove with just a kick drum and hi-hat pattern reminiscent of early 70’s funk, its no surprise the song is titled Celestine as the atmosphere is very celestial.

Deep bass stabs tease as the full beat drops, giving the impression we are in for a bit of a stonker yet the calming pads persist through a very introspective intro. The synth layers smoothly pulse through the background. Using the aux send to a reverb on the snare with genius effect as a riser the song builds slowly as I imagine a dark smoke filled dance-floor, amazing sound design! The dirty bass drops as we are treated to a roller of note! Super groovy rhythm and some really funky stabs, top class production work, I really love the Rhodes samples, they remind me of early Bukem work, very nostalgic, they use them just enough to coat this moody beast of a number creating a lovely aura.

The calming breakdown is disturbed (in a good way) by a super interesting bass riser as it drops again for another round, genius work! Top marks for this track, its bound to see some booty shaking in the dance!


Release Date: Aug 5th

Utopia Music – Andyskopes – True Human Emotion – [Review]


The highly anticipated release of ‘Andy Skopes – True Chord Redux (VIP) / True Human Emotion’ on Utopia Music is finally upon us! Andy Skopes returns to the Jungle after not releasing since 2011, thank goodness he is back, and what a way to return!
Opening with beautiful lush pads, peaceful atmospherics in ‘True Chord Redux (VIP), the drums kick in with a knowing nod to the classic days of Goodlooking Records. It is evident by the energy in the breakdown that something special is upon us and with one last breath it drops and we are immersed in a wonderful world filled with soothing bass pressure and rolling snare movement. The drum sequencing on this is mesmerizing! Inspiring to say the least, such detail, restraint and finesse with each hit. I would go so far as to say that this is one of the definitive choppage tunes of our time alongside ‘9th Hand by Breakage’. The complex layers of atmospherics are just out of this world! Taking the original to the next level while holding true to its themes, this VIP numbs the mind while feeding it with lush movement, vibes and rhythm!

True Human Emotion increases the intensity, Sitar drones, Think Break shuffles and Mentasm stabs build as we pre-empt the drop, with that drop the fire is a light! Smashing distorted Amens, perfectly placed switches smoothly transition the ends of each bar so naturally! Filter swept breaks, flanged rolls cutting through a background of dramatic strings and eastern instruments. The intensity is resolved by a peaceful breakdown, an almost profound moment of realization occurs, like a shift in global consciousness. The second drop keeps this momentum until the final breakdown builds into a rise of suspense, ‘We are the God’s now’ signals a return to darkness. Modern jungle at its finest, taking the classic future sound of Metalheadz in the 90’s and bringing it back to the for-ground! I cannot help but feel grateful to hear music like this coming out again, there is nothing like the power felt in the Jungle, and this is one of those moments nothing can compare to!

Andy Skopes sets the bar very high with this release, and it has me very excited to hear what he has in store for us in the future, the question remains whether this sound is still relevant on today’s dance floor, but that is not as important as freedom of expression and exposing different sounds to a new generation. Welcome back Andy and massive respect to Utopia Music for putting out one of the finest releases of the year so far! This one will be played many times to come!


Release Date: August 5th