Rooted Records – Ed:it, Total Science (Cargo Dub) remix – Mikal – (Kick Back) – [Review]


Rooted recordings, UK based label gathers up two releases which include the remix of Ed:it’s “Cargo Dub” by CIA records majors “Total Science”. This remix carries fresh minor skank vibes which has made this tune one of Friction’s Fire tunes of the week. Flowing beat, a ride that crashes nicely on the eardrums, intriguing breakdown that leads you into a break that reminds you not to forget to breathe. It’s simply a stunner.

On the flip, Mikal steps back into the scene with a “kick back” of a tune which intro’s in on a gloomy pad with somewhat faded howling screams in the background only to give it some life with profile cut up snare work and a kick that stomps at you nuero functionality. Bass stabs so broad they get your brain so fizzy. Steady chugging beat and cut up percussive elements. Quite a possessive piece of work!

Release Date: 17 June


Devastation Records – Damage Inc – Biomechanical – [Review]

Damage Inc

The South African duo Damage Inc consisting of “Pziezzo Electric” as well as “Multicrisis”, the head-honcho’s of Devastation Records have stepped up to the table with yet another belter of a tune under their own imprint. Back with a vengeance, “Biomechanical” bears a hard-step motion with its thorough kick and snare functionality steamrolling the track, built to puppet your limbs into obedience. Delivering sparse percussive elements. This tune will have you flexing your neck with uncontrollable head nodding. Certainly not designed for the faint at heart ’cause of it’s upfront approach. You either fit in or fuck off! A track that certainly lives up to the duos name and imprint. Large and in CHARGE!!!

Released: 10 June

M-Atome Records – Kantyze – Fish Eye EP – [Review]


French based imprint M-Atome associated with the duo Kantyze which is composed of Feubo & Knockoutz brings forth on the table the digital release of the “Fish Eye” EP crafted by the the landlords themselves, which features four tracks on it acquainting us to their current state of mind in production recently. Squelch, thuds, raunchiness, a tinge of somewhat experimental somber vibes are the ingredients of this EP. The tune ‘Factory slum’ arrives with a voracious appetite to convert dancefloors into submission. Artillery? Yes, Sir! Not forgetting another which is a roller of sorts, the VIP of ‘Marauder’, also standing out in it’s own right. “Dren and “Fish Eye” are one’s to ponder the engineering behind them.

Release date: June 10th

Avantgarde Recs – Dabs, Quadrant & Iris – I Don’t Know Why (Dabs remix) / Sparse VIP [Review]


Awakening from it’s long hibernation, the italian imprint Avantgarde Records fathered by Dabs and Grotesque creeps up back in the scene with quite a profound release under it’s belt. Dabs works his production technique on the remix for Eastcolors’ tune “I Don’t Know Why” adding a stellar structure and evolutionay production on the A side. Off-beat thumping beat work brushed with an understated vocal. Vigorous sweeps and a grumbling bassline, all this solidifying the track into something that’s after your cerebral cortex. The B side of this release is the variation in prodution for the track “Sparse” by Quadrant and Iris which was out earlier on the label now reintroduces itself with a more driving minimal feel and unfolding basslines. Not much of a big variation to the original but it is notable polish.

Release Date: June 10th

V/A – “The Return” LP – BIOS Rec – June 2013 [Review]

ImageImageFollowing BIOS Recordings with it’s comeback LP entitled “The Return”, label owner Amaning has mindfully handpicked an allurement of production from an army of artists both new and old. Keeping it not too much of a dancefloor hysteria kinda LP, a selection of these are deep vibes with great variety in them. It is quite a soulful based incorporation with tracks such as ‘Soul Prints ‘ by Furney and Locksmith’ constructing the trippy guitar sound and rolling beat of the track. One other track that sets a desert like scenery in your mind would be ‘Sirocco’ by Raw q and Amaning which embodys egyptian flute harmornics fitted with trundling bongo hits.

Now Savage Rehab and Physics ‘Nomad’ is something to wrap your mind around with its a mild trickle of the sub. One other tune that cares to fondle one’s mind is the track by NajeemS called ‘Moonlight Piano’ designed to set one’s imagination off with nature sounds samples.

Jumping onto Submatic, Dan-e and S.Finesse’s ‘Bangra Nights’ a tune with a very folk like tradition intro to it. It freshly progresses into this deep emotive air very intriguing to the senses. Also breaking nicely to introduce the Ghandhi sample that’s been employed in the construction dropping one deeper, much deeper in thought. There’s a lot other tunes in the LP which stand out in their own way. Nicely structured journey through various artists. Definitely proves what’s more to come from this label. Quality!


Here’s links for some of the tunes on the LP:

Release date: June 10th
Pre-order on: