MethLab Recordings – Silent Witness – Argonaut/Drop It [Review]


Silent Witness is amongst the household names in D&B, with a long-running career spanning numerous releases with prominent labels, making this Londoner a legend in the scene. Now, eight months since his last release via MethLab, he hits back with a double.

Firstly, this release is rumoured to signify the coming of the long overdue debut LP besides being an interesting “new wave of material” as MethLab puts it. We first take on a dangerous journey into distant sound space with ‘Argonaut’ in search of the Golden Fleece. Mythology aside… up-tempo, fast-paced energy equalling an influx of adrenalin from start to finish (even in the break). It is concentrated on sheer kinetic energy- movement with no time to waste as it travels to the destination. The landing is not smooth either when ‘Drop It’ befalls with deep gravity and the weight of all that’s dark and demented. How diabolic this song is is unavoidable; from the moment of the eerie intro, filled with distorted sounds and tortured voices that pop up throughout. As for the technical side of things, it is a masterly crafted composition that is populated by an intricate style of production that displays Silent Witness’ years of experience doing what he does, and that goes to both songs.

This is an exclusive release that uniquely sees four release dates on different platforms, with the first (19/09/2017) dropping exclusively for MethLab Inner Core subscribers.

Silent has taken it up another notch with this, for it is something else in terms of progression as an artist, and for the genre as a whole. The deep and dark, Tech-Funk signature (or monster) the Witness is renowned for has never left but, has woken up and grown bigger now.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Bare Noize x Standard & Push – Molly – [Review]



The guys over at Bare Noize have teamed up with another duo Standard & Push, to catapult into sonic warfare the sinister breed they fostered together that bears a disfigured touch that has its palms faced on the wrong side of its hands, and they it named it ‘Molly’.

A time-travelling sound that embodies influences past and present swinging them right back at you like a boomerang, this is the stir up “Molly’ erupts with doused in the resonance of a Dubstep nature, from kicking things off with a militant suspense, a propelling build up to a shattering drop that paints a picture of buildings collapsing in slow motion around you whilst sinking the very ground you stand on. The track also takes a paced up switch on the second drop to further spice things up in its atrocity! Really sick vibes coming from all involved!

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xJAK Audio – Virtue – Shine A Light/Looking Inside – [Review]


Gloucester DJ/producer, Virtue throws another one via xJAK Audio, just three months after dropping ‘Limitless/Penny’s Train’ on the “no rules” label. This release is also made up of two singles i.e. ‘Shine A Light/Looking Inside’.

‘Shine A Light’ is a Liquid jam with an alarming start to it, literally before a serving of dope vocals from an unmentioned female singer, which is unfortunate because the lady deserves the recognition for her talent. Otherwise, the track is dope and can be regarded as an inspirational song with a powerful message found in the lyrics which I personally, call stuff like this gospel music because of how they tend to touch me spiritually, for I think it’s unfair to label Gospel as strictly a genre but, it should be about what the song entails. As for the second single titled ‘Looking Inside’, it is strictly an instrumental beginning with a lengthy start consisting of deep and emotional atmospheric soundscapes made up of piano keys; orchestral strings; and a sad solo horn which all accompany the D&B beat perfectly well when it drops on a 1-2 Step. During the break-down, there’s a sampled sound clip (probably from a movie) that questions and utters some insightful words before dropping again, without the need for a build-up.

Honestly speaking, we did not know Virtue prior to this impressive and timelessly sounding release. If the same applies to you then we suggest you give your ear to him, and you won’t be disappointed. This UK artist has some serious talent deserving of applause.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

31 Recordings – Current Value – Scalar EP – [Review]


Scalar EP is the title of Tim Eliot’s A.K.A. Current Value’s freshest release under 31 Recordings. It is 31’s twenty-seventh release thus far, and it contains four tracks in total that weigh heavy on the scale.

 The theme that we are looking at here is possessive of mystical and dark atmospheres in the sound. Things kick-start with the title song, ‘Scalar’ with its dizzying start via some lingering synth sounds on a 1-2 beat, dropping on to a heavy bass line that dominates the track. This is nicely complimented with a smooth, clean production. Track two; ‘Bigger Picture’ is quite an energetic and kinetic one, with interesting play of the bass and the support from the other elements. ‘Major Fracture’ simply put, is an auditory epitome of violence in my perception, for it expresses the rage and the satisfaction of relieving it as well. Also, it screams like some alien creature from a sci-fi flick. The last track is interestingly titled ‘Reconsider’. It must be the most laid-back one of them all, and it is a sort of infusion of Neuro-Funk and Intelligent Drum & Bass, arguably enough. It is definitely a unique song. There is also the realization after listening to all four that; not even a single track in the EP has vocal some activity, all is strictly and absolutely instrumentals speaking in their own sonic voices.

The German DJ/producer has consistently been raising the D&B flag for years with breath-taking releases such as these. Owing to that, Scalar EP is definitely recommended for the seasoned heads who like their stuff intricate like this.


Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Ignescent Recordings – Nickbee – Space Tunnel EP – [Review]


Another blast from Oblast, NickBee once again drops another explosive, blazing release. He is out again, with an EP titled Space Tunnel this time which, is proudly brought to you by Ignescent.

Yet again, Nickbee showcases his creativity; and versatility in the music that he makes, all compressed in just four tracks. The EP kick-starts with the title song, and has a single artist feature being singer, Emily Harkness contributing a marvellous feat of surreal and angelic vocals over (damn!) those drums in ‘Chaos’. After hectically bopping our heads to the songs a few times over, we openly testify that this joint is undoubtedly our favourite number in the whole mix. Next to play is ‘Get It Closer’; a beautiful mess of grimy synthesis and gravitating bass lines over the mix. The jam’s atmosphere is nicely supplemented by a melodious voice that sounds distant, and creates scenery reminiscent of a Sci-fi setting from some other-worldly planet. The fourth and last track ‘Pandorum’ wraps up the EP with a heavy and dark theme, similarly as with all the songs on the track list.

Basically putting it in a nutshell; the experience that Space Tunnel EP offers, is an imaginative, mind journey through a Neuro D&B orientated sound space than just mere shuckin’ & jivin’ like a mad man on the Rave floor because, it has a lot of mental substance.

It is releases such as this EP that make NickBee an artist/producer of prominence and finesse. His music lifts a pioneering flag when it comes to Ukrainian, and inevitably D&B worldwide. As for this release, it is simply another timeless one from the Bee man.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Trust Audio – Tribes Vol.1 [Review]


London’s fresh and new label, Trust Audio is on its third release and, it’s in the form of a first in a series of volumes and compilations titled Tribes. This follows two EPs by Trex, part owner and artist that the young label initiated with.

This is Tribes Vol.1– a VA (various artists) EP that packs a lot in just three tracks. It features some really talented artists who did well to put it all together and then; the crisp, clean and clear production was exquisitely mastered by Shimon (Audio Porn). It starts with ‘Mindfulness’; a nice and mellow Liquid joint by three of LA’s finest i.e. Zere; Magnafied; and Gabriel Habit repping, by serving a taste of American D&B. Not forgetting the other half of Trust Audio’s two-man frontline, Trex contributing with ‘Spirits’ in the mix. With that; some more US flavour is brought by the legendary Jaybee (Stepping Forward) doing one dope remix to one of Trex’s joints, ‘Loco’ which is also the title of one of his EPs from the label. Jaybee keeps to his signature style with his version of crazy; adding that deep, and some darkness to it.

This first instalment of Tribes is indeed proper to go with. Every track in this EP is a good piece of music, and is also a reminder that American D&B is what is, as said in the intro to Dieselboy’s DJ Mag Final Mix all those years ago.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela