Pressure – Launch – 050113 – Review

ReleaseThePressure – Launch!

Pressure Pressure! Following a successful 12 years of Homegrown pushing the boundaries within the Drum n Bass scene in SA, it came to draw it’s curtains close November last year leaving quite a gigantic shoe size to be filled by whoever was to take over. Which it does not come as a surprise(I’m sure to all of us) as to why the new movement is called “Pressure.” – Founded by RudeOne, SFR and  Hyphen.

Now, I can only imagine how much organising this event on your toes must feel like. Well, the Pressure virus was spread out well enough on social medias with posters and stickers around the Cape Town vicinity calling in the masses. Drawing a few of us Joburgers flying in and driving in just for this event, also the PE crew.
So an absurd turn out was expected, which it was…
050113 –  The code was embedded in the heads of the masses like the Mayans had been f’ing with us, but we were not to be f’d with, instead we got proper f’d up on
this date!

Now Pressure set out a whole new benchmark for the Drum n Bass scene in South Africa, filling in shoes and creating bigger shoes sizes to be filled as the they went along
throughout the night. Many loud-mouths had said it would be a typical DnB night out, little did they know not to judge a movie by it’s trailer, the experience was a blow job to the brain, totally mind blowing. Definitely wiped off my previous experience at Homegrown. The words “Game changer” were on the lips of many.
Two floors had been set up for this event, one being the main floor which is Pressure, and the other floor hosted by Leggo compiling of White Nite, Funafuji and Blotchy.

Kickin’ off on the Drum n Bass vibes was the Hyphen of course, with a very techy set on the multiple genres he mixed down. Having to experience him in his hometown I knew to expect tons of this, made me wonder if this is how the Cape Town crowd is warmed up for the biggest throwdowns about to go down at this event. He had a distinct style of switching up and down which may have appeared too sudden at times but he kept my ears perked up when dropping tunes such as “The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up(Noisia remix)”, puppet mastering the unaware crowd into a bass filled mash up of heaven and hell.

Switching the knobs up a notch, elevating the sound with a Calyx & TeeBee tune we were introduced to Mix ‘n Blend! Also adding variety in their sets, I rate these guys have the most jaw dropping tune switch ups between DnB and Hip-Hop. Now these guys are always fun to watch, they’re like a bunch of duracell bunnies behind the decks(Now I mean this in the nicest way), I bet they bounce on stage at the same bpm they’re dropping a tune at, with their immensly energy filled sets they had the room temperature escalating to unfathomable degrees, how some people still stood there for long in the front row? It can only mean sheer crowd control!

We then had Sneaky Fuckin’ Russian (SFR) taking us through the night with a Drumsound and Bassline Smith tune which was elating. So as the saying goes: Dynamites come in… SFR packages! he had one of the most larger than life throwdowns on that night,  And can you say Double-Drop!!! This was like the order of the night! SFR kept the crowds heartbeats pacing at 174bpms, keeping everybody in sync ready to be toppled over by another mighty set incoming from Niskerone.

Niskerone’s set completely caught me by surprise I’ll admit! Nothing I had expected, reminded me of him a few years back when he was still making his name in the game.
It’s as if he was seeking vengeance of some sort. With a tintillating and aggresive tune selection he had the crowds brains mouth watering if i may
say, dropping upront tunes such as “Wilkinson – Automatic” and also “DJ Fresh – Signal”, it made me quickly forget the Trap he tampered with earlier. He had teamed up with
an exuberant MC, and I Don’t Usually like MCs But… Miki San! Totally held it down, had a fresh flavour, well structured flow and not just riding on tunes because he had a
mic in his hand like most MCs do. He let the tunes breathe. Niskerone and Miki San’s performance was outright exhilirating!

It came to the last slot for the night, seeing RudeOne appearing to be subtle behind the decks giving the crowd a breather with the tune “Marka by Dub Phizix ft Srategy”, he seemed like he was going to be gentle for some time only to give us a sudden rush of adrenalin. Although it is not wise to just jump in as soon as this guy goes dark and hard, you will not survive long enough to see the rest of his set! RudeOne was definitely releasing the pressure as he dropped the tune “Headroom by Audio” BOOM! Setting sanity ablaze, two of my friends chased up their minds all the way onto the stage! The crowd could not have been in control or aware of how their bodies moved. An awesome concluding set it was.

Pressure Pressure! BIG UPs to all the organizers of Pressure for the solid launch, this was quite the experience. The visuals were a thrill to the all round magic that was
Pressure. The Pressure has indeed been released. We surely can’t wait to see what else is on the cards for Pressure! Massive Respect!

Words by: Antoanator
Photos by: Luna Pixie “Bass Panda”