Quentin Hiatus – I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 1 [Free Love Digi – FLD034] [Review]

I'm neither Q

I’m neither Quentin Nor Hiatus is the initial volume that opens the way towards the future of this new project. The paradoxical title, denouncing or rather denying who he is (or the personalities are?) whilst it’s still him, is quite an interesting concept. Giving it a listen was the only way to check out what the 411 is.

Firstly, the album is versatile, like a number of his past projects… from the Dub-Steppy rhythms of the third track ‘Salivaaate’; to the one that follows it titled ‘56’ which is basically D&B and talks about this reminiscent year. Also, there’s another one called ‘She Moves’ (Original Mix) coming in last with some Minimal orientation in the beat and those sensual vocals that sound like those of the unmentioned lady who graced the microphone on ‘One Way Or Another’ (Chocolate Cosmos EP), it is unfortunate that her name is not mentioned as a featured artist. The song also reminds me of the title track of the It’s Only EP (2014) in comparison i.e. the style and feel of the tune.
Going back to the beginning, track one features some laid-back lyrical styles of Kryptomedic, not much said but quite an impactful number. It must be said, it is a good choice to start with, with preference to the chilled parts of the song over the up-beat, Raving parts in the middle and towards the end.
Let’s not forget track six ‘Kuch Kopi’, there’s no way you cannot like this joint, trust me. Just give it a listen, and think about what you feel or felt when playing, that’s all I can say.
One thing that has to be admired with Hiatus and his label Free Love Digi is that, he is able to cater for a diverse market in the alternative music scene; and doing this whilst maintaining his signature and originality. He undoubtedly flies the American Electronic scene flag high.

This first volume contains seven well-made tracks, consistent of Quentin’s style in his past releases like Chocolate Cosmos EP [FLD028] earlier in the year; and the likes of It’s Only LP. And by consistent, we mean consistency in his versatility as a musician.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela
The Ink Punk.

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