Audio Addict – DJ Hybrid – Darker Days EP -[Review]


Following the release of the successful 14-track album titled ‘Mixed Origins’, the living-genetic-legend DJ Hybrid headed back to the lab and came back with them ‘Darker Days EP’. It must be said that, it really is something in the blinding bunkers, as subterranean as the Human Genome Project.

How about we first start with the title track of the EP? It is what it is, Bass boys and Drum girls; we are in the deepest, darkest parts of the urban slums and; we hear the sound of the po-lice and, the lady on the street corner screams but, what’s wrong, you ask?… well, the bass just came down heavy on the ears, accompanied by that fella getting beat down from the drop of the rugged sounding yet, neatly laid out drum sequence that DJ Hybrid is known for.

And for surely, ‘Killing Dem’ will see dem Ravers, Steppas, and dem Junglists alike, landing in the morgue in great numbers that; the coroner dem run out of body bags at the scene of the dance floor homicide. However, from the beat-matching perspective in court, it sounds evident that, it is an ideal tune for the disc jockey to blast within the first quarter of the set.

Moving on to the next one; ‘Lickshot’ comes through with a tantalising and enticingly, gritty and resolute flavour for the heads who like it this raw, just as described. The rapid drum licks are smooth, giving the joint a unique characteristic in its intervals. And last, and not really least (if you know your stuff) the ‘Loudmouth’ is the witness on the stand, it was enough, and managed to convince the jury to easily come up with a quick conviction to shut the case, ladies and gentlemen of the court. The closer to this EP is more of a teaser really, just clocking in just sixteen minutes short of the four-minute mark; and keeping it strictly Jungle at that too.

With all due honesty, we love DJ Hybrid’s stuff on production. He experiments whilst, still maintaining his style which, always carries on the tradition of the old-skool or golden era of Jungle/Drum & Bass. Darker Days EP like the previous, Mixed Origins for instance, is impressing and, does not deviate. Praise and due respect to DJ Hybrid.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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