Blackout Music NL – Current Value – Starfleet EP – [Review]



Has anybody been keeping track on the ample material Sir Current Value has been dishing out as of late, ’cause we’re still trying to catch our breath from his recent releases? Now back on the imprint that regards itself as a supplier of a staple diet of the heavy and darker side of Drum n Bass over the years. Which it has truly solidified itself in, Blackout Music sees CV’s ‘Starfleet’ EP which has come to bear 6 audio sculptures which are set to reforge your hearing sensory passage.

The man that runneth sophisticated techstep, neuro sizzling productions has worked his wizardry tech on the title track which opens up this EP with heinous chiseling synth works and trance inducing chugging drum work which will leave you seeking a skin graft after a listen. Coming in secondly is ‘Electrify’, funny how it’s only now he’s come up with the title ‘electrify’ for one of his tunes whereas most of his tracks have been nothing but an electric buzz. Now the vibes on this one trickle with stab like shards grooving throughout the tune. ‘Agility’ can be well felt in its intro with splintered percussion. No doubt that on the drop, the track actually takes the form of its name, and packing with it so much grit in its journey. Then on the fourth count is a track coming in on the intro with a female sample that reads the tune name ‘Mind’s Nature’. Now the alarming sound at the drop and the robot-like sound of the female sample depicts a sci-fi like scene in the age of AI trying to hide from machines. Now to seal of this EP comes in ‘Rectangular’, a track that completely caught me off guard on the drop, as its a ball of searing sounds rapidly bouncing off the four sides of its name but still well contained in it’s marching drum pattern. With the ample amount of tunes CV is rapidly releasing he definitely  isn’t compromising on the quality of his work. ‘Starfleet’ EP is another stellar produce in his discography!


Words: Toan


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