Eatbrain Recordings – L33 – Karate LP – [Review]


Ever since the sampler dropped about 2 months ago, we’ve been awaiting the full album drop from this prolific producer who’s been solidifying his name on some of the elite imprints in the industry. Having put a stamp of his name across, Bad Taste recordings, Blackout as well as Program , and now  releasing his debut LP on Eatbrain recordings. 

L33 presents us with Karate LP. 15 relentless tunes ready to set things ablaze ‘pon the dance floor. And what better way to kick things off with a tune titled ‘Clublife’ with a firm stamp of L33’s forward swing approach and basking in the glory of all it’s grit! A definite always on cue tune for unaware patrons.

“Electroshock” is another carrying the same vibe, while also employing a half time switch up after the break. L33 unfaltering from bangers and mash incisions. Going through the LP one can’t help but notice the intricasies of this tight production and precisionally  engineered sickness! From intense modulation in “Strange Things” held in a good tight spot to “Disc Funk” which will certainly have you bouncing off the walls.

“Zealot” comes in as one rolling train on a sinister tip with another pristine production on “Bloodrain” which is also ill-lit. The technical articulation of this album is one intriguing sonic experience. This is sure packing serious heat! Eatbrain always keeping the bar high up on the releases. Check the tunes below. 


Forward Ever Recordings – David Boomah – Wish Upon A Star Feat. Rowpieces


Here we have a helluva collaboration between amazing singer/songwriter, Birmingham-born David Boomah (V Recordings) and; the legendary, German Liquid Drum & Bass artist/producer Rowpieces (co-founder of Soul Brothers Records). Accompanying that are two remixes. By the way, the single is from the ‘Wish Upon A Star EP’ under his imprint Forever Forward Recordings.

Firstly, let’s get down to the beauty that is the original mix of the single. Now, if you do not know Rowpieces by now then, I say delve into the Deutschland D&B scene and you will be enlightened. Now this song is superbly, Liquid/Soulful Drum & Bass at its best and, as soon as it started playing, the exciting hook instantly catches you; and then, David’s vocal talents come in through some meaningful lyrics just equal to nostalgic memories. The elements of the song are traditional to the sound of the sub-genre that represents i.e. Liquid/Soulful Drum & Bass, nothing distinctly unique in the sound itself except; the artistic talent and creativity of these two artists themselves. Before this, Rowpieces did a remix of Boomah’s joint ‘Spread A Little Love – No Face’ finally, an original collabo.came out of it as well.

And as for the Hypertone remix, you have yourself a hip and bouncy, urban Hip-Hop/R&B styled number with a beat (just for comparison) similar to Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’. Actually, would make you swear that, this was the original version somehow, and that Rowpieces was the one who did the remix simply because of commercial radio’s music orientation. However, this remix does have a nice, feel-good rhythm just like the original; it’s just the simple variance of genre.

The third remix got the ears by surprise for a moment because N-Type is popularly known for Dub-Step productions. Of course, an artist’s expression may not be limited by a single genre so, whether N-Type was experimenting or not is irrelevant, what matters is the song, and this version is for the House fiends out there, do give it an ear, you gonna love it.

So, with all three different versions of ‘Wish Upon A Star’ on the table before us, which one do we go with? Well, we are for what we represent. We vote for the original version without compromise or debate, with all due respect.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Kosen Production – Nouwa – Credence/Mastermind [Review]


Kosen Production are a French events and record label company that believe in passion and sincerity in the artistic work they produce. This week saw their 20th release, compliments of Nouwa. This is the very same company behind the Clamps as well.

Welcome to Artem Obuhov’s utopic world of music, introducing ‘Credence’; a hard-banging, and possessing a crisp production element to go with the title’s definition. It’s the kind of song that involuntarily gets you dancing, and if not then, the people around you definitely will. It starts off with a sort of tranquil introduction. And then, it does not really drag a build-up (as the bass burps in the rear) nor does it take its passengers abruptly and directly to its main structural component instead,  it comes at a steady pace before getting down to business.

The track ‘Mastermind’ is the best between the two and, starts with a sampled audio clip, followed by a head-bopping break-beat. And being the favoured one, it is obviously a banger as well; all the way to the part whereby it leads to the pad synth taking the spotlight during a momentary absence of the drum track, after the break interval until it inevitably veers down a smooth fade-out.

One cannot say that, any one of these two singles is whack because; Nouwa perfectly in comprised his own, unique artistic element. In fact, with D&B in general, as a Raver you seldom expect or find a displeasing tune, won’t you agree?

This offspring of Karnage Records is making its mark on the international D&B scene with artists such as this young cat (having released on other labels as well). That said; Nouwa is simply nice.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Med School – Rawtekk – Here’s to them LP – [Review]

Rawtekk - Here's To Them

 The duo was formed in 2006 and then, in 2011 had their first single release on Med School Music (‘Snowflakes’); before moving on to a debut album in the year 2013 (‘sprouted And Formed’). Three years later, the brothers present something from the label again. Here, we are looking at a 12-track vinyl (plus CD) especially for you titled ‘Here’s To Them LP’.

 The album is opened by ‘Hatch’, a three-minute long piece of what you could call, “Minimal roughness”; with a splash of two well-done, short verses of poetry delivered melodically. That is followed by the title track which, is a sound possessed by a demon. Herein, you find some lazy vocals blended in with a lot of mechanical synth activity throughout the song’s slow progression.

As you go, things go smooth and sensual with ‘My Love’; a duet between piano keys and vocals that contribute that sensual element. There is no drum track and a chorus of other instruments here, just a simple romantic ballad for the love birds, ideally leading to ‘Restless’ where things go up a notch in the form of a dope Liquid tune, which is something to look out for.

And if you are looking for mind-blasting, rough and grinding bangers to get down to then; the heart rate-increasing beats and grimy synth sounds of ‘Harbour’ and ‘Extinction’ featuring Audeka (coming in last) is the dosage to take. These two, are waves of audio destruction for real. And on the other hand, you can descend into the abyss to jam to the deep, dark sound of ‘Vantage Point’ coming in at track 6 or; the laid-back, Intelligent flavour found in ‘K.I.A’ for some sonic tranquillity. Therefore, putting track 1 aside, this album contains only five tracks which are Drum & Bass proper, as for the rest; you are looking at different tastes in musical ingenuity orientated towards experimental and Minimal Electronica whilst, the theme still remains throughout, and more than half the songs maintain a similar feel as well.

To simply sum it up, Tom Mullet said: “… Get to know the heaviest music we’ve ever had on Med School Music. So sick.”

 Germany is renowned for many things and, music such as this coming from the land is deserving of the same reverence and applause. In fact, rumour does have it that, this LP might be destined to be one of the biggest releases in Drum & Bass this year. We will have to wait and see.


Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Bad Taste Recordings – MethLab // 2 – [Review]

MethLab_2_Digital_Artwork (1)

Following up on their 1st release of the MethLab series, working hand in hand with Bad Taste, we’re presented with MethLab 2.

Offering an impressive display of 7 tracks under the curation of MethLab for your filthy listening pleasure.

This release features veterans in the scene such as Current Value and Billian on relentless productions, as well as intriguing collaborations between Optiv & CZA, Disprove, Audeka and Signal. MachineCode & Audeka proper crafting the vibes on their collab for Signature. Audeka & Rawtekk create a scene out of a japanese movie with the intro, intense artistry on this tune called Samurai. Kursa and Faek’s Behind This Door setting fire to the dance floor.

MethLab 2 not only pushing but designing new envelopes with an upfront approach and an unfaltering craftsmanship which can only see some of these tunes opening portals on the dance floor. Check the tracks below.

Audio Addict – DJ Hybrid – Darker Days EP -[Review]


Following the release of the successful 14-track album titled ‘Mixed Origins’, the living-genetic-legend DJ Hybrid headed back to the lab and came back with them ‘Darker Days EP’. It must be said that, it really is something in the blinding bunkers, as subterranean as the Human Genome Project.

How about we first start with the title track of the EP? It is what it is, Bass boys and Drum girls; we are in the deepest, darkest parts of the urban slums and; we hear the sound of the po-lice and, the lady on the street corner screams but, what’s wrong, you ask?… well, the bass just came down heavy on the ears, accompanied by that fella getting beat down from the drop of the rugged sounding yet, neatly laid out drum sequence that DJ Hybrid is known for.

And for surely, ‘Killing Dem’ will see dem Ravers, Steppas, and dem Junglists alike, landing in the morgue in great numbers that; the coroner dem run out of body bags at the scene of the dance floor homicide. However, from the beat-matching perspective in court, it sounds evident that, it is an ideal tune for the disc jockey to blast within the first quarter of the set.

Moving on to the next one; ‘Lickshot’ comes through with a tantalising and enticingly, gritty and resolute flavour for the heads who like it this raw, just as described. The rapid drum licks are smooth, giving the joint a unique characteristic in its intervals. And last, and not really least (if you know your stuff) the ‘Loudmouth’ is the witness on the stand, it was enough, and managed to convince the jury to easily come up with a quick conviction to shut the case, ladies and gentlemen of the court. The closer to this EP is more of a teaser really, just clocking in just sixteen minutes short of the four-minute mark; and keeping it strictly Jungle at that too.

With all due honesty, we love DJ Hybrid’s stuff on production. He experiments whilst, still maintaining his style which, always carries on the tradition of the old-skool or golden era of Jungle/Drum & Bass. Darker Days EP like the previous, Mixed Origins for instance, is impressing and, does not deviate. Praise and due respect to DJ Hybrid.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela