Viper Recordings – Cyantific – Fade into the night – [Review]


One of the most expressive artists out of Viper’s roster has yet once again delivered an astonishing release of yesteryear’s sound. Man like Cyantific is one to well execute this in his single track release titled ‘Fade into the Night‘ which will is out via Viper Recordings.

A nostalgia driven composition which springs about with energy from the 80’s, painting steamy scenes guided by evocative vocals and a string of really retro synth work well articulated to create a mad vibe of a tune. This tune flows with adequate cheese that melts over your sonic pleasures with the impassioned mood it provides.

This is nothing shot of a really good time out when you hear this out at the weekend. Really outstanding stuff from Cyantific. Also, credit has got to be given when it comes to the artwork as it very well captures the volume of the funk in the tune. So big ups!


Eatbrain – “Goes to Let it Roll” EP – [Review]


As the year schemes closer to that time of the year, projecting the heavyweight DnB Festival, Let it Roll; sees labels and artists assimilate what’s at hand and churn out concept EPs in a series called “Goes to Let It Roll”. Now at our disposal is the forces over at Eatbrain on the circuit bestowing 5 whole tracks featuring artillery from their roster of artists by the likes of Chris.Su, Malux, Mob Tactics, Synergy as well as Zombie Cats.

Eatbrain’s curation on this EP can be heard assembling into formation of their belligerent sound chiselling it’s way to being a dominating factor as if the event is already full throttling in last gear. A mean cut spearheading the EP comes from ‘Synergy’ with the track “Let It Roll” which can just as well be the Anthem with the weighty vibes it carries. Virtuoso’s Mob Tactics giving the tune “Dimension” a real switcher towards the end leaving you wondering what more could’ve come off that. The robust Eatbrain has delivered quite a potent batch of tunes on this offering further solidifying their breed of neuro and their stance in the scene.

Lifestyle Music – Mean Teeth – Gutterfunk/Hydra – [Review]


We plugged into the latest offering from now Trio, Mean Teeth, since earlier in the year with the addition of a 3rd member by the name of ‘Cosmistic’, if you hadn’t been keeping up… This release comes via the “Lifestyle Music” imprint and bears with it two tracks that further cement Mean Teeth’s place in the scene with their relentless sound and showcasing how they can switch it down a notch too.

The track ‘Gutterfunk’ employs a steady roller vibe to it, an almost broody vibe tinged with necessary grit on the bassline whilst MC Kerizma’s vocal work greatly compliments it with a vivid depiction of the scenery through his words. Then comes in ‘Hydra’, a track which features the collaborative effort of artist ‘Skylark’. The track intros in with swooshes that give that chilling feeling of when you enter unknown territories, and movements are happening right behind as you slip into the drop of this tune and realize how it flawlessly flows with great weight throughout. Great material from the MT crew.


DnB Arena – VA – The Breaks EP – [Review]


The well known and appreciated influence of Drum & Bass Arena over DnB’s spectrum has come to commence on a series of EP releases after a hiatus that spans just over 10 years on the EP side of things. Of course, the giant has been religiously dishing out well-curated compilations every year and is in no way about to stop that but to accentuate the prominent sound that has been the core of the much loved overall sound of DnB as we know it; And thus presenting us with “The Breaks EP”.

The EP showcases a 5 track session marshalled by some of the scholars of the sound including; Shimon, Bladerunner, John B, A.M.C & Turno, June Miller & James Marvel. This EP comes in celebration of their 21st Anniversary as well as the pioneering sound of breaks. A heated opening comes from John B with an ‘ENERGY’ infused track fixed in all it’s old-skool rawness & dark vibes. Followed by Shimon with a Darrison feature on a track titled ‘Believe it’ which is a sinister tug at your heartstrings. A.MC & Turno take you on a well gelled up break n jump up fusion with the track ‘Ice Cold’. ‘Don Dada’ drops in as the fourth track brings with it celestial pad work, filtered breaks and a vocal guidance from MC Mota as June Miller & James Marvel work a deep apocalyptic run through the track which runs through different versions. Lastly sealing off this release is Bladerunner with ‘International’, a track kept light on the work but very well impacts on the original sound.

A new collection of history.  Definitely, something to always be on the lookout for.

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