Renegade Hardware Presents: The Final Chapter – Neuroware [Review]


Renegade Hardware has always been a prominent Drum & Bass label which has been around for two decades. Unfortunately, they are closing the curtain with The Final Chapter, a series of VA (various artists) compilation LPs. Now, starting with Neuroware

It comes packed with thirty-one tracks in total, and a huge artist line-up to go with it to create this raw, Neuro-filled serving. Some of the collaborations that are found in it are between Impak & Trivision; Nickbee & Limel; Volatile Cycle & Kritix smashing in with ‘Checkpoint’ also; comes a four-way collab between Nymfo, Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris with a number called ‘Refractor’. A VIP version is included in the mix as well, in the form of ‘End Game’ which was done by Trilo and features Stapleton murdering the delivery. Another wicked feature is in ‘Days Of Rage’ where, MC Mota brings in the lyrical play in it as well, when the song returns on the second drop. As for the solo side of things, there’s the likes of North Base; Cruk; and many others, with the likes of Malux working on that ‘Cryptic’ and; Aggressor Bunx starting things on a rough edge on ‘Let It War’ being the first track. Basically, to cut things short; there is just a lot going down herein that is sonically super.

The LP is armed with sheer hard-coreness to the teeth, and filled with heavy-hitters to the brim. The Last Chapter – Neuroware is just one part of the massiveness that Renegade has cooked up for their final showdown.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Complete album link:


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