The Express – Edition #1 – [Review]

Drum & Bass Express started out as something as simple as sharing this beautiful music on the net, and now, they have evolved into being a solid label. Here, is The Express – Edition #1; and it has been compiled by Symptom who, is the other half of the DNBE brainchild.

This neat compilation is a nice mix of a few different sub-genres or styles in the D&B spectrum. It’s a fast-moving ride, from the moment it departs with ‘The Devil’ first whereby, Flat T ignites and puts the ride in motion. Then, things suddenly get laid-back and breezy through the ears when PFM shows up ‘Driftin’ On By’ and things start cruising towards The Expresses’ journey. It’s still fast, and is somewhat contains a hyper sort of ambience.

Safra comes in with the third song of which, he interestingly titled ‘Molecular Cell Memory’. I liked the excited activity; with the different sounds blended in well together, to create this serious, hard-banging, midnight-in-the-dance floor kind of vibe. However, I have to give it up to Safra’s creative play that went towards the making of this crazy tune.

As the last song, Villem & Mcleod once again come together and present ‘The Finer Things’ before exit. I’ve seen, or rather heard several times before what awesome music these two make and here we have something on another level. Personally, this one became the favourite although, I enjoyed all of them, it is one of those joints that have a tendency to stand out; as well as unforgettable.

Edition #1 is a musical train that doesn’t slow down (except the intros and when the tracks break) from start until it stops at the last destination. As for the label, the guys at DNBE have brought something nice with the genesis of this venture.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


Soul Trader Recs – Data 3 – Molly EP – [Review]


The 15th release from the Soul Trader Records imprint comes in the form of Data 3’s Molly EP, and it’s simply just two tracks. After having released on other labels before, this time they come forward on this London-based stable.

The first one is ‘Molly’; the title song which starts off with an intro filled with sonic beauty, made up of a compilation of clean and tranquil notes. Within a minute from the beginning; it drops with a heavy flavour; and it possesses a clicky, marimba-like melody that is made up of two inter-changing notes throughout.

On the other hand, we have ‘You & I’ with Blake; and it comes with an impactful vocal presence that grabbed my attention. Things get laid-back with this Liquid ballad. I admire Blake’s vocal flow over the track’s rhythm. The pad sound gives the song a nostalgic atmosphere, as it lightly floats over the whole mix.

Data 3’s creativity; and one-of-kind style when it comes to the composition of a song cannot be denied. With that said, Molly EP is sure to make you a Data 3 music lover and follower. Simply put, Molly EP is an undeniably good listen.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Terminal – Current Value -Partition EP – [Review]


Terminal, a new unit has spawned merging the collective forces of Eatbrain – Badtaste and the Methlab Agency to bring forth a new strength of projects set to spearhead the sounds of DnB even further. To spark of the operation, new graft lands in the form of my all time favourite veteran in the scene, Current Value, with his Partition EP that stations four distinct tunes drafted to set fire to your ears.

Be forewarned as ‘Big Data’ takes the lead with chilly hollow pads on the intro almost leading you to the demise of your cerebral cortex on the drop of this sheer engineering of crumpled up sound but somehow fitting together still. ‘Balance Armature’ comes in as the second tune on the EP with a more unaccented marching beat vibe resuscitating your cognition from the experience that had befallen your mind from ‘Bad Data’.

Thirdly is ‘Orbital Decay’ which simmers the intensive technicalities vibes of the EP but still throws a substantial punch with good controlling influence. Last tune as it stands tastefully sealing the EP is ‘Primary Node’. This track packs such an infectious sinister groove delivered on clear cut production, straight buzzing on any floor. If you’re more inclined to the experimental bits with a harder and propelling vibe then this EP is for you.

Eatbrain Recs -Gancher & Ruin – The Chase EP – [Review]


Coming out of Russia, twin-bro duo ‘Gancher & Ruin’ set to release a fully fledged four track EP on the ever consistent with the sickness imprint, ‘Eatbrain’ recordings, dropping this July.

As a household name in the dark pits of Drum n Bass, ‘Gancher & Ruin’ present us with the ‘The Chase EP’ as it has been dubbed. An EP spearheading the neuro sounds even further in the ever evolving genre of DnB. Erupting foremost is the heated title track , ‘The Chase‘ practically setting the tone for the EP with a weighty bass ridden production engulfing your eardrums whole. The follow up to this is a spectacular one that particularly stands out for me, ‘Jump!‘ this one here features the head-honcho ‘Jade‘, of which this EP releases from. Now I can’t explain just how much zeal ‘Jump!‘ exudes! This one definitely has great power on the dancefloor! Good artillery to have on a heavy night!

Third tune on the roll is ‘Elemental’, certainly disorderly as it follows suit of ‘Jump!’. One of those tunes that pulls you back in again when you’re trying to take a breather from the dancefloor. Lastly is ‘Dragonfly’, which has a pretty interesting intro, only to flip over hell and make it the sky. This one is good to roughen up the crowd and get things ravey as fuck! Do not sleep on this EP! G&R have done a sick one with this!


Emcee Recs – Melinki – A New Horizon EP – [Review]


Emcee Recordings describes itself as “a breeding ground for cutting-edge, scene-shaping artists” since 1999 and, DJ Melinki (Hastings, UK) is one of those artists with A New Horizon EP on offer this season.

The champion DJ comes through with an inferno made up of four blazing joints; and three cats contributing into the blaze namely; Damien Soul (U Wot Blud? Records); Demure (Dank N Dirty Dubz); and Richard Dower (Synesthezia Records).

The opening number is a hot steppa titled ‘It’s A Shame’, and spots a classic vocal sample that I recognised but, failed to remember who it belongs to however, I’m certain that some listeners will instantly spot it. ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong’ follows with producer, DJ Dower; as well as Damien Soul filling in on the vocals on this Liquid tune, and it has a dominant dark element, created by the dominating anger of the saw; accompanying the bass line however, the vocals balance things out with an addition of Soul. It is a song with a simple message that reflects on one’s own self as it goes, right until the nicely done end. Dower is also featured in the third track, ‘Long Way From Home’. It too is nothing but chilled Liquidness, with clean drums and an interesting play in the choice of instruments and sounds.

Finally, comes ‘Snow Drops’ which features all the way from Africa; the Zimbabwe native Demure, who’s also under the U Wot Blud? camp. It is actually interesting to see an artist representing the African continent in the international Drum & Bass scene and, a brilliant job was done completing this song. These two have a two-track EP released, and now they mashed up again on this closer which, can be described in three words as elevating; Intelligent; and utopic to sum things up.

Having to listen to Melinki for the first time in my life, I easily understood why he has such a strong reputation in the scene which includes; being the Hospitality and Valve DJ competition winner; as well as being featured on Mistjam’s 1500 Seconds of Fame and DJ Target’s ‘Junglist Soundclash’ of course.

The listening experience was indeed impressive in creativity and style and, we do recommend giving it a really good, thorough listen. For us, we will definitely keep a lookout for Melinki from now on; as well as the artists who contributed in the making of this EP.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Hex Electronica – Hex – Tribal – [Review]

Hex a.k.a Henry Wilson is a D&B producer from the UK; and also a Symbiosis Glasgow resident DJ with quite a handful of releases under labels such as Celsius; Free Love Digi; Transmission Audio; Hex Electronica (his brainchild); amongst others…

Now, ‘Tribal’ is one special kind of a single; it is a release which, comes as a free download after one thousand followers on his Sound Cloud page which; is a figure that is basically there already. He “had this lying around for a while”, he says, until now.

The tune starts off with a percussion snare; a dash of beeps and claps (acting as a sort of drum lick) and; a neatly done, delayed and reverbed wasp-like synth sound to fill the otherwise eerily empty hook. Coming to the drop; the almost heavy bass gravitates and descends upon the arrangement soon after observing a moment in the absence of the drums.

Simply put, you could say the style of the song is Jungle orientated, with an unnoticeably intricate element of Intelligent Drum & Bass although, arguably. As the title says, there’s no mistaking the tribal inspiration and influence that is evident as you listen through it yet, you obviously cannot also mistake the clear Electonic dominance thus, it is what we define in Drum & Bass as Future Jungle.

With certainty, by the time you read this review, ‘Tribal’ will already be raking downloads to match the target that initiated it. With that said I suggest you head over to DJ Hex’s SC page and get your tribal on.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela