40Hz Records – Void – switch/What They want – [Review}


40Hz Records hails straight from Cologne and, has been around for about three years now and few releases. The label is on their fourth release with Void giving us a nice couple yet again.

 The first track, ‘Switch’ makes a grand entrance with a parade of sounds and an excited atmosphere. It drops with a dope vibe that loudly and proudly hollers “club anthem” with its 1-2 Steps and synths, all adding up to entice that invigorating energy. The same could be said about ‘What They Want’ when it comes to the style just merely the tweaks in production make a clear difference in the creative aspects of the two songs. However, the latter is darker in composition and contains a harmonic pad and carries slightly more heaviness than the former otherwise, we are dealing with a uniform double that needs not to be compared with one another. All in all, the production is beautiful, clean, and well mastered in its loudness, ideally for this kind of style.

We still say, that German Drum & Bass is a force not to be messed with, and should be given much more attention. These singles for instance, happen to be another example of what we mean. As for the 40Hz, this is a super return and great start this year for them.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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