Viper Records – Teddy Killerz & Synergy – Smooth – [Review]


‘Viper Records’ has been consistently feeding our dnb sonic habits aggressively so, harvesting well diversified sounds and A1 curations from their lair. This brings us to this special collabo which comprises of producers who’ve covered a lovely scope of bass variety. That being the hefty ‘Teddy Killerz’ as well as the duo ‘Synergy’, on a tag team vibe thing getting on the track at hand, ‘Smooth’.

The track’s intro goes off on a sinister tone and a stabby bass build-up, but peaks into a rather playful stepper groove with an adequate amount of bounce to keep you steady at your feet. Also complementing the production is an evocative and well arranged vocal that licks at your sonic pleasures whispering the words ‘Hey keep it Smooth’.


Audioporn Records – Benny L & Shimon – Sharks [Review]


This single is between Benny L and Shimon; both are major D&B artists with notable musical careers that span many years. The two have done numerous remixes of each other’s works, however; this is another joint effort that follows ‘Monsters’ which came out last year.

Yes, like its predecessor this joint is a concept track and has a theme that has to do with danger. The title is ‘Sharks’ and it has to do with everything that has to do with these marine predators in relation to a worst-case-scenario of finding yourself in a situation whereby you have to face the creature. Well, this song somewhat like gives you a lesson on them as well as a bit on what to do in such a situation complimentary of the speech sample. Other than that, it is a super jam for days. It’s dope how it begins with this dramatic effect that makes the listener picture such a scary scene before dropping with powerful, clean kicks and snares of a head-bopping 1-2 beat. The bass line is deep and heavy but with a smooth cut, however, the brassy horn has that dirty and grimy sound that contains a domineering power over the whole when it comes on. It is at intervals, joined by a single melody that whistles with a spiny chill, and it echoes away into a barren distance as the ears drown in the sound. This is hotter than ‘Monsters’!

This jam undoubtedly recommended firstly ‘cause it is a concept song thus, it is a special release. Secondly, what else could a D&B head expect from the likes of Benny L and Shimon? Surely, it can’t be a disappointment.


Words by: Tsheola Asavela



Function Records – Digital – Spacefunk – The Remixes – [review]


This is a remixes album of the 1995 classic Jungle record titled ‘Spacefunk’ courtesy of a remarkable artist and legend in the game, Digital. It originally came out as the thirteenth such release in a 12” vinyl format by Timeless Recordings.

This time around, Digital’s own label, Function Records has taken the reigns in releasing all the remixes that have been done throughout the years now re-mastered including, a new version by Bristol native, Om Unit A.K.A 2tall in the mix. Either than that, it has five remixes done in total by some notable players in the scene, all maintaining the song’s Junglish standards in their various styles and signatures of production. A nice blend of both old-skool and Future Jungle vibes nicely packed in a single package. Of course, the Futurebound Remix was not left out either since well it came with the initial release back then. Other re-works are contributed by Special Forces (by Photek); and the iconic DJ/producer Doc Scott, who also goes by the pseudonym Nasty Habits. Finally, we got the co-founder of Metalheadz himself, Goldie starring as Rufige Kru. Overall, sweet work has done on the re-mastering, for the original mix now tastes sweeter than honey.

This record is a must-have for Junglists all over without any compromise. This is Digital’s first solo effort that marked the launch of his musical career in Drum & Bass/Jungle therefore, owning this record in whichever format is indeed having a piece of the genre’s history and heritage.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Eatbrain Recordings – L33 – Mafia EP – [Review]


Eatbrain’s second release for 2018 is in the form of L33 dropping his debut for the year that bears a dope title by the name Mafia EP. It is a five-track release, and it comes after the successful Karate LP that he dropped in 2016 on the very same imprint.

Wow! It’s surely been a while since we jammed some filthy good Neuro-Funk D&B, and this stuff just reminded us of that hectic feeling inside whilst the head is wildin’ out to & fro as it bops itself to the music. The EP officially features Coppa on the lyrical side, spitting them fiery words upon two joints namely; ‘LightsOut’ and ‘So Dope’. There’s also the title track as well setting it off from the top with a sound as sinister and merciless as its name. ‘Faded’ is loud and proud, too but the final song, ‘Last Signal’ definitely must be considered or regarded as a serious hit! It is an ideal favourite; from the beginning, the ear knows it about to go on a definite sound trip from the moment rugged electric sound in the intro kicks in to the up-tempo beats and atmospheres equalling a classic in the making.

If you want proper, unadulterated quality Neuro vibes then, this will do you well. In addition, it’s well mixed & mastered, and spots a dope cover fit for a wall poster or wallpaper on your screen.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Blackout Music NL – Black Sun Empire – The Wrong Room LP (Remixed)

Black Sun Empire - The Wrong Room - Remixed

Blackout Music’s recent output follows up to Black Sun Empire‘s album, titled ‘The Wrong Room‘, which came out in the first quarter of 2017. Having been very well received, BSE saw it fit to have 12 tracks from the 14 track LP reworked to even more calamitous conditions. ‘The Wrong Room Remixed‘ assembles a number of spearheaders in the field such as Misanthrope with his take on ‘No Advance‘ fuelling the bassline with an aggressive tone, pulling heavy vibes in its movement. Killbox shakes up Noisia & BSE’s ‘The Veil‘ with hollow point sonics set to crumble craniums of those who don’t adhere to these vibes. The track ‘Stranger‘ takes a turn to absolute filth distorting your face to it’s demands, at the hands of Neonlight on the remix. Current Value exploits the track ‘Broken‘ with his hand work as he leaves it sputtering about.

The LP boasts an array artists from L33, Aggressor Bunx, Posij, Abis, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Upbeats, Emperor as well as Signal. This remix LP basically resurrects demolished dancefloors from the original album’s onslaught just to annihilate them again, and this is how it demonstrates its weight in the scene. Definitely something to keep in your artillery!

BNC Express – Phlex ft. Hanzo – Typhon(Mindset Remix)


The label, BNC Express is starting 2018 with a special release of a kind from Italian producer, Phlex. It is the first single from a remix album titled More Breaths of Darkness which consists of reworks from his LP that came out last year called Last Breath of Darkness.

The name of the song is ‘Typhon’ which is the fourth out of the nine tracks the original album contained, and to add, the original mix comes as no surprise as to why it got the most SoundCloud plays in the LP than the rest. Hanzo is featured in the initial production as well, and we have the young and upcoming duo, Mindset to bless us with this remix. No lie, the joint is really blazing hot for days. It’s strictly the kind of stuff to go monkey-ape and buck-wild to at any given time. It is the hearing of some sort of distorted voice; on eerie atmospheres that tingle spines; with hard-hitting drum patterns and toms equalling to adrenaline-releasing dancefloor vibes. Although it does not veer away too much from the original in terms of differing in style or sub-genre, it is still distinct and fresh.

We think this reworking of the track by these young cats that rep the Netherlands, is indeed a notable effort that matches to the standards of its predecessor. Everything is on point on the technical side and executed very well on the creative side as well.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

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