Word on the streets was out. It was the Frikshun Weekend! As every last Saturday of every Month is known to be in the JHB underground music scene.
However, this one Frikshun weekend was the last one for the year of 2012. After having such a successful year of absolutely awesome raving sessions SF has put out
through out the year. This last Frikshun proved to be one of the many best rave sessions as Science Frikshun met It Came From The Jungle!
Bringing us the second installment this year with enough intensity to have people spontaneously combust.

Now as the Sun drops, bodies start initiating into
raving mode as we flocked the mills entrance, it’s all systems go!!!
The setup for the gig inside Town Hall was full on Jungle vibes. From willow vines to bamboo trees setup on stage and around the dancefloor giving it that
outdoor jungle feel. It was going Ape s***. As per usual, with the carefully structured line ups…

BenSon was up setting up the mouse traps with of course the liquid tunage serving as the cheese to reel us in.
He laid the foundation solid, cementing our souls in it. Imprinting his heart into every tune he laid down. Although he’s not one to keep it mellow for two long as of late.
He had a well articulated fine drop to get the crowd roaring soon enough, which of course the crowd on that night couldn’t wait to unleash the Ape in them.

Moving on to the next slot, it’s heavy artillery time as Mr Green throws in a fat slab of gorilla bass leaving a trail of chattering teeth on the floor. Next level raving mode.
That boy bad yo. Introducing some intricate skanky tunage to the masses, a puppet master he was. His definitely set on spewing detrimental tunage on stage.
Be warned.

After that we got introduced to a fresh face on the SF decks all the way from CPT. White Nite, bringing forth some swirling beats, flaunting his mint tune selection.
It was definitely a treat, could’ve sworn the dancefloor was sticky with the overflow of eargasms. The ever bass fuelled crowd could never hold back on the raving.
As much as the DJ’s provide some rather harsh beatings, the Joburg crowd’s energy is rather demanding and puts whoever it is on those decks at the time under pressure.

Then along came Niskerone, dread bopping, immense energy dropping, always seeming like he can’t contain it and he’s about to explode all over the show.
Very interactive with the crowd as he amplifies the mood that’s already on the 5th gear to a point that one’s lungs experience a frantic rattling feeling.
He kept it proper standard DnB vibes, although he might have tried to throw in some trap in there he soon deviated away from that and proceeded
with the lesson at hand. Jungle!

As the night proceeds further onto the last gear of this Jungle marathon, RudeOne steps onto the stage running his eyes across the dancefloor like he was checking
out for unsuspecting victims. This set was not going to be for the faint-hearted it seemed. Sometimes with RudeOne’s sets it’s best to preserve oneself and just appreciate
his technique of mixing or you could just render yourself a casualty. And that night was no different, it was a heavyweight set. One of those sets that could give you
an epiphany in the middle of the dancefloor. Like a maestro he had the crowd going until the party poopers in blue made us evacuate.

If that hadn’t been the case, that party was likely to honour the #6amkru.
It was an absolute mad party, had me broken as usual.
But now we patiently wait for the return of Science Frikshun in Jan 2013…

Words: Antoan

Photography: Antoan and Luna Pixie Yuki