KLP Records Presents: The Remixes LP- Past Present + Future – [Review]


The legendary DJ Monk and his label, KLP records have managed to cook up a dish of fifteen remixes of jams that go from as way back as the 90’s, as part of the label’s re-launch.  This is KLP Records presenting the ‘Past, Present + Future’ with The Remixes LP.

The very best of Jungle producers that the UK has to offer; from those who were present back in those early days of Jungle/D&B, to the new cats in the scene.  It is a blazing fire, straight from Audio Addict’s, DJ Hybrid setting it ablaze; down to the last joint.  In between, there’s the likes of DJ Choppah; Dapz; Papa G and; hearing DJ QT and Lion UK doing remixes for one another.  DJ Monk himself puts in a hand with a remix to Lion UK’s ‘Freaky Fly Girl’; and has a total of eight remixes of his past work remixed and re-done.  Those songs are, namely: ‘I Spy (Eye Nuh See)’ “re-fixed” by Serum & Serial Killaz and an Inna Culture 2016 Remix to the ’94 classic.  The other; ‘Deal Wid It’ is proudly tweaked by Ray Keith, as well as DJ Vapour with his ‘Tear Up Refix’ to the tune.  Ikon B & Crisis have two of their classics in the mix as well i.e. ‘Kills Every Sound’ and ‘Stop Fighting’ and; they also remixed one.  And all that could be said is that, in a nutshell this LP is a timeless journey to the future of this music, looking through the past, from a present perspective of Drum & Bass and Jungle, and what it stands for in this instance.

It is mixture of combustive substances that ignite into an inferno therefore; it is definitely a super comeback for KLP Records.  This LP is without a doubt, a collector’s item because it is the very best of Jungle.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


Warm Communications – Hydro, War & Mateba – Clair Obscur/Nostalgia [Review]


2017 marks thirteen years for Warm Communications and, they are switching on the warmness this year with two singles, via Hydro, War & Mateba. Well, owing to this, it has been five months passed since Warm Comm had anything out.

We have the single ‘Clair Obscur’ beginning with a captivating pad, and a sampled clip of a young girl then, after about twenty seconds of waiting for the drop; comes a mysterious soundscape, shrouded in a dark layer in terms of the mood of the track. Avoiding the in depth technicalities herein, it’s simply any easy-flowing tune, with minimal instrumentation thus accentuating the atmospherics and the drum track. The next single, ‘Nostalgia’ starts in the same manner but, takes on a lighter approach by being a neat, smooth Liquid jam. It possesses slightly heightened spirits, instead of what might be expected of a song that speaks of nostalgia however; it does (because of the title) forcefully invoke that nostalgic feeling on a more cruising note. It seems like this double-single had been held back for a short while because, it is only coming out after four previous releases from the label, according to the catalogue. We reckon, it had to wait for the right time despite what the order or sequence says.

The trio coming together has resulted in sheer awesomeness and, this overdue release proves that it does not beg to differ from what Hydro, War & Mateba have previously come up with either collectively, or on their own to date.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Beat Machine Records – Itoa – Swinging Flavours #4 – [Review]


Swinging Flavours is back and, Itoa is the featured artist this time around, courtesy of Beat Machine Records. This month sees the fourth installment coming out and so, the swinging continues…

… With Itoa bringing that Jungle flavour to the collection with a single titled ‘Strange Attractor’. With this current one, Itoa follows namely; Ticklish (Swinging Flavours #3); Lynch Kingsley & Block Mameli (Swinging Flavours #2) and; having started with Sun People (Swinging Flavours #1) in January 2016 respectively. The A-side sees the original mix; a dope concoction of Middle-Eastern/Oriental melodies; some neat, clean drums; and other interesting sounds that took us to an imaginary party, in the middle of a desert utopia. On the B-side, we find Sully’s remix which maintains the same mood and feel, only differing of course, with the creative input through a few additions of them interesting sounds. The drum track has a slight change as well but, either way, both are avant-garde when you speak of Jungle, not forgetting that element of ambience or Intelligence in both of them. In the digital release, there’s an extra, exclusive treat; titled ‘This Tune’ which, completes the idea of Itoa’s signature concerning his interesting production skills.

If nice, chilled Jungle is your preferred taste then, this will definitely be a flavour to enjoy. Besides being released digitally, Swinging Flavours #4 also comes in a 7” vinyl for the wax junkies and collectors.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Blackout Music NL – VA – Evolutions Vol. 3 – [Review]


Vol.3 of the ‘Evolutions’ series has landed before us from the crew at Blackout Music NL. Bearing with it a compilation of 5 tracks at its disposal. This series is a project which is set on exhibiting the ever evolving sound of DnB, hence the name ‘Evolutions’, and the guys who are trying to propel this sound.

On the first strike is Proxima with his tune ‘Closely’ which flows with a ghastly intro and unprecedented drop of a half-time, dubsteppy tone and a flaring vibe to it.

Following on the roster is Gydra with ‘Indoor Space’ pacing you accordingly on the intro just to directly inject you with adrenalin rush which is driven by a sharp revolving percussive work to make your head spin.

Thirdly comes in ‘End of Line’ with the engineering work of Merikan. The track has an interesting trick to it just before the drop where it sounds like synths gnawing at each other and then dropping into carefully lined up lead stabs enforcing greater vibes in the tune.

Then follows collab work from Splash Head & The Clamps with ‘Useless’ which is uncivil and well designed to be the soundtrack for going to war!

Lastly is Cod3x with ‘Sublimation’, eradicating the close of this volume’s series. Employing a fantastically well-articulated drop from the soaring intro that gives you an impression of an aggressive drop only to find it’s simmered down a bit and accentuates gangster roller vibes.

This ‘Evolution’ series is definitely something to keep an eye on as it is set to level things up with every release. Massive release from the Blackout crew!

Words by: Toan

BFTR interview: Lynx


Photo by: Chelone Wolf


We, at BFTR spoke and had a little chat with Artist, DJ/Producer Lynx concerning his contribution to a remix album titled Precious Things Remixes [Megahit Records], with the original album by American duo, Peppermint Heaven. He had the opportunity to work on two tracks from this release and, this is what the Detail Recordings front man had to say about this project, which is initially out of the Drum & Bass sphere…

BFTR: Firstly, how did your involvement in the remix project come about?

Lynx: I had recently joined Music Gateway, a website dedicated to bringing musicians together with other areas of the music industry. I joined to widen my horizons outside of Drum and Bass music and find a new challenge to get my teeth into. I was looking through posts for a day or two and nothing was inspiring me, then i found Megafan’s post asking for remixes of their band Peppermint Heaven. Listening to their music instantly got me interested in remixing their work.

BFTR: Before this, we guess you weren’t familiar with PH’s music?

Lynx: I wasn’t familiar with Peppermint Heaven’s music.
BFTR: And so, what’s your take on their Retro/Synth-Pop style of music?
Lynx: It’s awesome! It reminds me of my youth listening to Pop music, when Pop had something cool about it in the 80’s, when synthesizers met good old-fashioned songwriting.

BFTR: Creatively speaking; as well as on the overall production side of things, how was the

whole experience working on the tracks ‘Words Colliding’ and ‘Talk To Me’?
Lynx: It was great fun for me. It was a step outside of my comfort zone. I don’t often get to remix tracks outside of my genre of Drum and Bass music. Whilst I enjoy remixing other DnB tracks it’s so much nicer to remix something from a different genre. It was rewarding to emphasize the bits of the original tracks that I liked and embellish with my own flavour.

BFTR: Were there any glitches and obstacles therein?

Lynx: As always with remixes there were a few issues on the way! It was tough trying to find a balance of old and new. I didn’t want to kill the emotion by sterilizing the remix. The innocence of Peppermint Heaven’s music is in their impurities. Nothing quite sits perfectly but that keeps the listener engaged, so often missed in music nowadays. I was mindful to get the balance right with modernizing their sound with my techniques whilst retaining the emotion and structure of the original songs.

BFTR: It’s dope how you put it there… Now, tell us which song was your favorite or, you enjoyed listening to after all was done and dusted?
Lynx: That is a tough one to call. I actually just had to listen to them both through a few times to decide… I would have to say ‘Words Colliding’ is my favourite. It brings back fond memories listening to the little vocal chops after “all I wanna know is what she’s hiding”; once I got those nailed I knew the remix was coming together!

BFTR: And Lastly, what can your fans expect this year from you? Are there any collaborative projects in the works for 2017?

Lynx: I’m currently writing a Half-Tempo DnB album. Well, that’s how I’m pitching it in Drum and Bass circles. Actually it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s an exploration into music around 80 to 90 BPM.  I have been working on it for about 5 months and I can sense it’s nearly finished. I’m 20 tracks in but i just keep writing and every tune just gets that little “better than the last” so i keep going. Right now I’m unsure if it will be under a different name, it’s quite a departure from what people know me for. But that’s what I thrive on, keeping things fresh and interesting keeps me inspired and writing music.


Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Megahit Records – Peppermint Heaven – Precious Things The Remix EP[Lynx Remixes] – [Review]



Photo Cred: Chelone Wolf

Here, we have Lynx’s contribution of two tracks for a remix project of the debut album Precious Things by the Chicago band (duo), Peppermint Heaven. He takes it from their Retro Synth-Pop styled music; into some mean-ass Drum & Bass fuelled beats.

The tracks in question are; the last song, ‘Talk To Me’ which packs an interesting, anticipatory build-up to the clean drop; and a perfect use of the sample clips to create something that sounds as if this is the actual original song instead of a mere D&B remake. The other; is the fourth tune, titled ‘Words Colliding’ contains a similarly recognizable vocal trademark (which puts to perspective Peppermint Heaven’s style of music) of which, Lynx created something that is a cross between Liquid and a laid-back Roller. Having been following the Portsmouth native’s production style for months now, he always plays around, uniquely well with what he’s got on the table and, every song of his always seems to differ from the last. Therefore, it’s safe to say that, he did these songs some justice on behalf of our beloved genre with this impressive auditory display of ingenious methodologies in his remixing capabilities. This is a taste of what D&B does to cheesy 80’s Synth-Pop music.

The Precious Things Remixes contains a total of eleven songs, made up of different genres and, obviously for us, as bass heads we recommend these two for a listen for, it is what we dig. What a way for Lynx to start the New Year.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela