Fokuz Recordings – Satl – You and I EP – [Review]

Known as Satl when working his music steez; Adrian Rybka is D&B’s fresh blood of talent, and he has an EP due early this June on Fokuz Recordings. It is simply titled ‘You and I’ and, is made up of four freshly baked ones.

You have yourself here, a good Liquid EP and, the emotion and Soul herein is consistent throughout the listening. It’s the kind of music to give or play for the one you love, in any occasion, special or not. The soothingly melodic, easy and chilled out vibrations of ‘Girl’ are pretty sweet and; the title track ‘You and I’ just swiftly flows down the utopic rivers of love the way it sounds. It is like the seventh ‘Muse’ in Greek Mythology named Erato, with her specialty being ‘Love Poetry’ when it comes to the music of her song. Basically, that is what the theme of the EP is all about frankly enough.
On the collaborative side of things; Satl worked with one of’s DJs, hailing all the way from Florida, Jaybee (Liquid V/Chronic/Good Looking) on what I call; this enigmatic, raw and bouncy tune called ‘Get Away’. And then; he features a vocalist, her name is Hannah Eve whereby; he also combined his creative expertise again, this time with Estonia’s finest, that is Elka (Atmomatix Recordings/C Recordings/DNBB Recordings, to name a few) to bring about ‘Endless Daze’. It is a beautiful piece of collaborative art I must say, and there’s no mistaking the mesmerising, soft impact of the sax accompanying the songbird as she leads the song’s message with her beautiful voice.

I do admire the overall simplicity of the song titles; the EP’s artwork; as well as the ease at which the music takes care of the mood. No element or instrument has been exaggerated for emphasis instead; everything is well-balanced and the outcome… lovely. I fully recommend ‘You and I EP’ to be included in your 2016 Liquid collection.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela