Forward Ever Recordings – David Boomah – Wish Upon A Star Feat. Rowpieces


Here we have a helluva collaboration between amazing singer/songwriter, Birmingham-born David Boomah (V Recordings) and; the legendary, German Liquid Drum & Bass artist/producer Rowpieces (co-founder of Soul Brothers Records). Accompanying that are two remixes. By the way, the single is from the ‘Wish Upon A Star EP’ under his imprint Forever Forward Recordings.

Firstly, let’s get down to the beauty that is the original mix of the single. Now, if you do not know Rowpieces by now then, I say delve into the Deutschland D&B scene and you will be enlightened. Now this song is superbly, Liquid/Soulful Drum & Bass at its best and, as soon as it started playing, the exciting hook instantly catches you; and then, David’s vocal talents come in through some meaningful lyrics just equal to nostalgic memories. The elements of the song are traditional to the sound of the sub-genre that represents i.e. Liquid/Soulful Drum & Bass, nothing distinctly unique in the sound itself except; the artistic talent and creativity of these two artists themselves. Before this, Rowpieces did a remix of Boomah’s joint ‘Spread A Little Love – No Face’ finally, an original collabo.came out of it as well.

And as for the Hypertone remix, you have yourself a hip and bouncy, urban Hip-Hop/R&B styled number with a beat (just for comparison) similar to Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’. Actually, would make you swear that, this was the original version somehow, and that Rowpieces was the one who did the remix simply because of commercial radio’s music orientation. However, this remix does have a nice, feel-good rhythm just like the original; it’s just the simple variance of genre.

The third remix got the ears by surprise for a moment because N-Type is popularly known for Dub-Step productions. Of course, an artist’s expression may not be limited by a single genre so, whether N-Type was experimenting or not is irrelevant, what matters is the song, and this version is for the House fiends out there, do give it an ear, you gonna love it.

So, with all three different versions of ‘Wish Upon A Star’ on the table before us, which one do we go with? Well, we are for what we represent. We vote for the original version without compromise or debate, with all due respect.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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