Atmomatix – Sirka – Modern Jazz EP -[Review]


Atmomatix Records was founded two years ago and; their sound as they say is on that “atmospheric & cinematic” vibe. This release by Sirka, from South Africa brings that sound with Modern Jazz EP.

 The EP has a really nice vibe about it, on top of being nicely put together to create some beautiful music that these artists have managed to come up with here. We mean the sheer talent and creativity, namely; strong lyrics and vocal expressions that Given Nkanyane (Stone Jets) brings to ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. The soothing, soulful sounds of the overall composition is lovely; with singer & guitarist, Tyler Meiring (Madhouse Theory) also putting in a hand by singing with his guitar strings, resulting in this beautiful Liquid song. As for the title track, ‘Modern Jazz’, all that can be said is… “Wow!” We first remembered what Goldie once said about D&B being comparable to modern Jazz and, this tune clearly defines that by being a one-of-a-kind, Jazz-Step hit at that. We like how it interacts with the listener with its liveliness and invites the mind towards a picturesque setting of a live audience; watching, applauding and cheering as the Jazz plays on the stage.

This is inevitably a classic, be it that it faces being underrated or results in the proper recognition it deserves out there because; the exceptional production and Scott Allen’s clean and dusted mastering just makes it as good as fine, aged wine.


Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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