Kill Tomorrow Recordings – Tobax -Extaziest/Golem – [Review]


Russian Electronic producer, Tobax returns with two fresh, crisp singles under Tomtek’s Kill Tomorrow stable. Recently, it has been making moves on the Beatport D&B Top 100 chart.

Basically, all that can be initially said in a nutshell is that, both songs a similarly club smashers to go all out and wild with and, not for relaxing and chilling out. The sweat breaks with the intricate production behind ‘Extaziest’; sweet and melodic in the beginning, and later in the breakdown but; the main ingredients it contains is roughness and a neuro-craze thus, a senseless behavior is the result. But, the best single between the two is definitely the demonic ‘Golem’, which sees LifeSize MC (Druid Records) flexing his dope skills on the lyrics, with a well-executed delivery with the effects layered on his voice being merely the cherry on top, frankly enough. Well, cutting matters short; you just gotta dig this banger, we favor it to be in the top ten for, it is deserving of being amongst the biggest tunes in the list in fact; it shouldn’t be underrated when it comes to being a contender, together with other major D&B hits this season.

His style is interestingly unique, and displays elements that are well thought of when creating this beautiful disturbance and noise just for pleasure, and passion. His signature sound is worth paying attention to.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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