Serotone Records – Matiflow – Broken Filter LP – [Review]


Broken Filter LP is a debut album by New Zealand duo, Matiflow (i.e. Cody Heu & Liam O’ Brien). The album also marks the second full release by Serotone Recordings, a label based in the UK.

The LP kick-starts with the title track then, moves to something experimentally interesting, called ‘Ghetto Gecko’ whereby; it’s a rare fusion made up of bouncy Trap beats; and some Jump-Up D&B when it drops; equaling into a club banger to definitely check out. Others to also really get down to are namely; ‘Smoko’; ‘Tin Foil’; and that progressiveness found in ‘Temple Glare’. We found, and liked other various flavors that the LP contains which; is considerate of the preference of the listeners. There’s that laid-back flow and ambience found in jams such as ‘Just Enough’; ‘Soul Wing’; and the oh-so-awesome ‘Time Will Tell’ which just takes it to a cloud 9 of nostalgia, ironically it is also a really deep song with a deep feeling. Another jam worth of note, is ‘To The Shore’ which, is a straightforward, all-round summer chart-topper and festival banger, respectively. We are pretty damn sure that, Rave peeps at fests are going to dig it for days. The joint that seals the LP is ‘Watis’, a head-banger, also with a Trap influence, and a lot of shock therapy to close it down.

Broken Filter is packed to the brim with ten songs, all different flavors, for different moods and settings. It is a really impressive album that is already destined to be a future classic, if not already.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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