C.I.A Vs Phantom Audio -Total Science Vs Digital & Spirit – [Review]


Here, is two labels forming a collaborative label and; the first release to launch this, is also a get-together of four amongst the finest, and experienced D&B artists mashing up to release this first volume.

Between Total Science, Digital & Spirit, it has taken all those years of knowing each other before coming to this first project working together and, the four songs that resulted are a bang. The EP goes off with ‘Rumble’, with its neat hook and some Jungle flavor; a calm, deep bass and those distant atmospheres. Apparently, some have been waiting on this track for two years. ‘Overlord’ takes over from there, and takes it up a notch with some energy, with the infusion of effects that create a spacey soundscape. As for the bass line, it is strictly a Dub/Reggae one, only with an increased speed of course which; gives the tune more depth with the innovation. Next, comes an intro dominated by a static sound, leading to a drop that opens up a Pandora’s Box of darkness and mayhem; leaving a sadistic impression after the song dies, just like the movie character of the same pseudonym as the track’s title i.e. ‘Jigsaw’ before, wrapping it up with the heaviness of ‘Fall Down’. As a last note: the EP has a 10” limited edition vinyl for the serious collectors and record junkies out there.

Digging this EP was already expected from us and, the story still sticks after listening again, and again. It is definitely a classic, and a must have for the thoroughbred Junglist. Fans of CIA and Phantom will love this, no doubt.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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