The Dreamers Recordings – HLZ – From The Past EP – [Review]


Former member of Need For Mirrors, HLZ brings us From The Past EP with D&B Arena Awards 2016 nominee (best newcomer label), The Dreamers Recordings with their eighth release to date, in a matter of just a year since it was founded.

Entering the title track, which features some cool and smooth vocals by Awakem and; just like those vocals, the feel of the song is likewise. It is strictly a Liquid-Soul, rolling tune with a dope mood. So, speaking of the mood; it carries on to the next tune, ‘Dream Source’ and thus, creates and sets the EP’s theme or concept. This one though, is layered with shades of darkness in its atmosphere; with a cool play with the vocal blended in and sounding like a dreamy melody that has a hypnotic effect in a way. Then, “Nightcrawler’ takes it to the classic styles with some timeless Intelligence whilst; still maintaining the theme with some opaque ambience. Even with the last tune, ‘Sparkles’, the vibe is twitched with a bit of excitement but, the idea does not veer off therefore, herein; is a serious banger to have fun when jamming to. It’s dope how it adds such a hyper-active flavor to Minimal D&B; and shutting the EP with something like this.

As much as D&B is universal, recognition still has to be given to those who represent and; this is a wonderful taste of what Italian Drum & Bass is about. Hands down for HLZ, his craft is brilliant.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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