Eatbrain – “Goes to Let it Roll” EP – [Review]


As the year schemes closer to that time of the year, projecting the heavyweight DnB Festival, Let it Roll; sees labels and artists assimilate what’s at hand and churn out concept EPs in a series called “Goes to Let It Roll”. Now at our disposal is the forces over at Eatbrain on the circuit bestowing 5 whole tracks featuring artillery from their roster of artists by the likes of Chris.Su, Malux, Mob Tactics, Synergy as well as Zombie Cats.

Eatbrain’s curation on this EP can be heard assembling into formation of their belligerent sound chiselling it’s way to being a dominating factor as if the event is already full throttling in last gear. A mean cut spearheading the EP comes from ‘Synergy’ with the track “Let It Roll” which can just as well be the Anthem with the weighty vibes it carries. Virtuoso’s Mob Tactics giving the tune “Dimension” a real switcher towards the end leaving you wondering what more could’ve come off that. The robust Eatbrain has delivered quite a potent batch of tunes on this offering further solidifying their breed of neuro and their stance in the scene.


Eatbrain Records – Chris.SU – Solar Eclipse – [Review]


As one of the imprints in the forefront of blood rushing induced releases, Eatbrain Recordings sure have vibes on lockdown and anteing the game up with no holds back every single time and with a well choreographed assault move on your senses.

Kicking back up on the Eatbrain rota is Chris.SU, one of the guys who’s been ascending over the neuro train over some years bringing his well established craftsmanship on his new EP titled “Solar Eclipse” packing 5 missiles in it. Setting things alight from the get go is the title track, coming up from a sparse drum work build up and alluring pad work only to tip your brain sideways on the drop, protruding with weighted synth work.

Second track coming in is Last Laugh, which opens up with an intro that paints unsafe territories accompanied by the complementing vocal work of Nuklear MC totally executing the delivery of the bars as the track kicks into unregulated high club floor energies.

The other three tracks being Complexity, D4NC3 and lastly being The Arrow have the same relentless vibe to them strengthening the entire EP as solid throwdown for the artist reinforcing him even more as a staple in the scene.

Mainframe Recordings – This Was Open Air Festival LP 2016 – [Review]


Following the festival that happened last month at the Arena Wien in Vienna, comes a banging VA (various artists) album, courtesy of Mainframe Recordings. Similarly with the fest; this LP packs a serious artist line-up.

This Was Open Air Festival 2016 is in simple terms, a mash-up of artists, who came up with jams ideal for that kind of fest. However, it does contain differing tastes and styles throughout the songs whilst, it manages well to stick with the theme. I mean, from the get go, with Dorian kick-starting things with ‘Come Closer’; and having the godfather of the Brazillian D&B scene, the legendary DJ Marky following up with some power in ‘Electrified’. We could go through the track list step-by-step if this was anything either than a brief glimpse. However, the list goes on; there’s TR Tactics closing it with the last tune; Protune; Aaronic; and Breakpitt with some ‘Watchdogs’ to keep the heart pumping some more.

There’s also three duos and collabos that come out as dope, heavy hitters namely; ‘Beatfunk VIP’ by Dossa & Locuzzed; Chris.SU & Mindscape with ‘Talk To Me’; as well as Hybris & Subtension slowing things down to a head-boppin’ beats with ‘Fay’. Lastly, there’s the dance hall influence behind Transparent’s ‘Double Up’ to get your freak on to.

This was compiled and mashed for the heads especially, those who love to go buck on the dance floor. We’re quite sure that, for those who’ve jammed at Mainframe’s Open Air Festival, this album will surely bring back the memories.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela