Audioporn Records – Benny L & Shimon – Sharks [Review]


This single is between Benny L and Shimon; both are major D&B artists with notable musical careers that span many years. The two have done numerous remixes of each other’s works, however; this is another joint effort that follows ‘Monsters’ which came out last year.

Yes, like its predecessor this joint is a concept track and has a theme that has to do with danger. The title is ‘Sharks’ and it has to do with everything that has to do with these marine predators in relation to a worst-case-scenario of finding yourself in a situation whereby you have to face the creature. Well, this song somewhat like gives you a lesson on them as well as a bit on what to do in such a situation complimentary of the speech sample. Other than that, it is a super jam for days. It’s dope how it begins with this dramatic effect that makes the listener picture such a scary scene before dropping with powerful, clean kicks and snares of a head-bopping 1-2 beat. The bass line is deep and heavy but with a smooth cut, however, the brassy horn has that dirty and grimy sound that contains a domineering power over the whole when it comes on. It is at intervals, joined by a single melody that whistles with a spiny chill, and it echoes away into a barren distance as the ears drown in the sound. This is hotter than ‘Monsters’!

This jam undoubtedly recommended firstly ‘cause it is a concept song thus, it is a special release. Secondly, what else could a D&B head expect from the likes of Benny L and Shimon? Surely, it can’t be a disappointment.


Words by: Tsheola Asavela




DnB Arena – VA – The Breaks EP – [Review]


The well known and appreciated influence of Drum & Bass Arena over DnB’s spectrum has come to commence on a series of EP releases after a hiatus that spans just over 10 years on the EP side of things. Of course, the giant has been religiously dishing out well-curated compilations every year and is in no way about to stop that but to accentuate the prominent sound that has been the core of the much loved overall sound of DnB as we know it; And thus presenting us with “The Breaks EP”.

The EP showcases a 5 track session marshalled by some of the scholars of the sound including; Shimon, Bladerunner, John B, A.M.C & Turno, June Miller & James Marvel. This EP comes in celebration of their 21st Anniversary as well as the pioneering sound of breaks. A heated opening comes from John B with an ‘ENERGY’ infused track fixed in all it’s old-skool rawness & dark vibes. Followed by Shimon with a Darrison feature on a track titled ‘Believe it’ which is a sinister tug at your heartstrings. A.MC & Turno take you on a well gelled up break n jump up fusion with the track ‘Ice Cold’. ‘Don Dada’ drops in as the fourth track brings with it celestial pad work, filtered breaks and a vocal guidance from MC Mota as June Miller & James Marvel work a deep apocalyptic run through the track which runs through different versions. Lastly sealing off this release is Bladerunner with ‘International’, a track kept light on the work but very well impacts on the original sound.

A new collection of history.  Definitely, something to always be on the lookout for.

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Audio Porn Records – Benny L & Shimon – Monsters – [Review]


Audio Porn has been making and producing; and pushing and moving those releases strong and hard for almost a decade now. The seventieth release is a timeless D&B single titled ‘Monsters’ with…

Benny L and Shimon (of the iconic Ram Trilogy crew) who is also the head/owner of the hit-making label; just for one  seriously “mashed-up like potatoes” collaboration that serves a creepy and disgustingly good salad of a jam. Right from the start, the horror approaches the ears with some classic, ghostly sounds like pads and; the speech samples were laid perfectly to add that serious emphasis concerning what the track obviously conveys. How the drops go, and the drum licks at the intervals, are a distinguishing factor. As the horrific hoard of sounds approaches, there comes this powerful horn that just grabs dominance in the track as the monstrous giant amongst the other instruments. The alien bass rhythm follows right there. The whole song in general, is a bouncy tune with a dark groove.

Before pressing play; there’s the single’s cover art to peep which, is admirable in its own sense. It is simply made and, does not really attempt to scare in that expected, serious sense. We took a nice liking to the creativity behind it. Good cover art does play a part in the whole story as well.

‘Monsters’ marks another successful release, clearly bound to another Audio Porn hit thus, joining the long list of achievements that the label has had over the years, since 2007. Indeed an exclusive, original single that has those original roots.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela