Viper Recordings – Brookes Brothers – Orange Lane LP – [Review]


Finally! It’s been a long time coming… the long awaited sophomore album, Orange Lane by the Brookes Brothers has met its D-day at last. This special release also marks Viper Recordings’ twentieth LP thus far, and the duo’s twelve years of being in the game.

 The Orange Lane experience can be defined in simpler terms, as an immersion of Soul and Funk; Disco; in a sonic setting that’s progressively artistic throughout thirteen tracks and a handful of talented artists. With an exception of just a few joints, the LP is packed with awesome collaborations. To name a few; there’s Pierre Da Silva (twice) delivering his impactful lyrics done smoothly; Charlotte Haining’s angelic mesmerism; and ShezAr, another song bird who’s featured in ‘Flashing Lights’ with Bossman Birdie dropping a verse. ShockOne makes his appearance right at the top; respectively titled ‘The One’– introduced with a cinematic atmosphere before that iconic “Brookes Brothers sound” distinctly marks the spot. It’s quite a lively, colourful production of sorts (and un-skippable really) ranging from chilled and mature stuff, to Liquid jams for summer days. An epitome of panache through the futuristic experimented with the most soulful of elements. Some of the tracks even display this with impressive transitory switches in them, e.g. ‘All About You’ and ‘Waiting Right Here’  which follow each other. Can’t forget the serious bangers and chart hits like ‘Climb High’ with Danny Byrd; some ‘Now I’m Found’; as well as the uplifting and triumphant feels behind ‘Carry Me’. About two months prior to the release, ‘Moving On’ dropped as a tantalizing teaser, and track 5 herein. Thing is, much more can be said about Orange Lane LP but words aren’t enough, only feeling is. Rest assured, these guys come with the new without even slightly veering from their renowned style of production.

This album not only continues to shape the duo’s artistic signatures and achievements or an advancement as musicians but, it’s also significant of that moment of epiphany reminding you as to why you love D&B. Undoubtedly destined to be amongst the greatest album of its kind. We give Brookes Brothers a Raver’s salute!

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

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Viper Recordings – BMotion – Passenger – [Review]


The crew over at Viper have done some digging within their roster and pulled out one of their trusted selections in the form of South Wales hailing BMotion. As he follows up on his previous release, remixing the favourable work of Moby on a track called “A Simple Love”.

BMotion showcases he’s newest work, a track titled “Passenger”, which strikes a chord as it’s a trip back, inducing the 80’s with it’s 8-bit construction, but not entirely immersing you in the chirpy, rattles of 8-bit. The track fills up your sonic thrill with an adequate slab of a beefy bassline that permeates the entire song while the vocal chops flare about, animating the atmosphere. BMotion’s take on how he infuses certain elements not often sought after, sparks interest in how he sculpts his sound should definitely be under your radar!

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Viper Recordings – Brookes Brothers – Moving On – [Review]


Viper Recording’s 118th release is courtesy of one of the greatest duos in Liquid Drum & Bass, the Brookes Brothers. ‘Moving On’ is the first single from their upcoming album (due in October) titled Orange Lane which comprises of thirteen tracks in total.

As much as it is a groovy joint that will have you moving to its tune, the message that is evident in the powerful yet soulful vocals is about the breaking of ties with somebody once dear, and focuses towards moving on with one’s life sadly enough but, the instruments point towards it being a good thing in this instance, for they sound positive and jolly in a way instead of being said and depressed about the matter. Now, coming to the production itself, it’s great to notice that the brothers are still consistent with their one-of-a-kind signature sound found in their past releases. An ideal and perfect example of this can be found in their classic, basically self-titled album, The Brookes Brothers (Breakbeat Kaos) that came out in mid-2011. With that said, ‘Moving On’ too has all the playful activity, as much as it has all the Soul/Funk expected from D&B’s favourite siblings. It would be a conspiracy if this number fails to make it to the charts.

We reckon that this single is merely a glimpse of the advent of yet another D&B classic album, and a definite collector’s item for the fans. It might probably or arguably be also Phil and Dan Brookes’ best project to date judging by the high anticipation this album has built.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Viper Recordings – Moby – A Simple Love (BMotion Remix) – [Review]


‘A Simple Love’ is a single by the Electronic/dance music legend, Moby and it’s derived from the album These Systems Are Failing (2016). Now, the Viper artist, BMotion has tweaked the single to cater for the D&B world with his remix of the tune.

The original is quite a listening feat on its own, and is something that blesses the ears and soul… BMotion’s rendition opens up with an uplifting, out-of-this world soundscape then shortly Moby enters with a vocal note then it pauses to allow some time to lead to the drop. When it does, it is a likewise, also something of an up lifter; on a 1-2 Step beat; hand-in-hand with Rock-styled guitar synthesis that leads the track and providing the melody as well, just like in the original but of course, faster in order to match up with the D&B tempo. In a nutshell, the track has a balance between retro and spacey feels, and BMotion made sure that it never lost the essence of the original edit.

What’s to like about the song is its energy mostly, not forgetting a touch of inspiration. And, with all that’s going on in it, the production is quite smooth, clear, and mastered to perfection. I guess BMotion is one artist to start looking out for beyond the scope of this beautiful remix.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Viper Recordings – Cyantific – Fade into the night – [Review]


One of the most expressive artists out of Viper’s roster has yet once again delivered an astonishing release of yesteryear’s sound. Man like Cyantific is one to well execute this in his single track release titled ‘Fade into the Night‘ which will is out via Viper Recordings.

A nostalgia driven composition which springs about with energy from the 80’s, painting steamy scenes guided by evocative vocals and a string of really retro synth work well articulated to create a mad vibe of a tune. This tune flows with adequate cheese that melts over your sonic pleasures with the impassioned mood it provides.

This is nothing shot of a really good time out when you hear this out at the weekend. Really outstanding stuff from Cyantific. Also, credit has got to be given when it comes to the artwork as it very well captures the volume of the funk in the tune. So big ups!