Lifestyle Music – Mean Teeth – Gutterfunk/Hydra – [Review]


We plugged into the latest offering from now Trio, Mean Teeth, since earlier in the year with the addition of a 3rd member by the name of ‘Cosmistic’, if you hadn’t been keeping up… This release comes via the “Lifestyle Music” imprint and bears with it two tracks that further cement Mean Teeth’s place in the scene with their relentless sound and showcasing how they can switch it down a notch too.

The track ‘Gutterfunk’ employs a steady roller vibe to it, an almost broody vibe tinged with necessary grit on the bassline whilst MC Kerizma’s vocal work greatly compliments it with a vivid depiction of the scenery through his words. Then comes in ‘Hydra’, a track which features the collaborative effort of artist ‘Skylark’. The track intros in with swooshes that give that chilling feeling of when you enter unknown territories, and movements are happening right behind as you slip into the drop of this tune and realize how it flawlessly flows with great weight throughout. Great material from the MT crew.



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