Bad Taste Recordings – MethLab // 2 – [Review]

MethLab_2_Digital_Artwork (1)

Following up on their 1st release of the MethLab series, working hand in hand with Bad Taste, we’re presented with MethLab 2.

Offering an impressive display of 7 tracks under the curation of MethLab for your filthy listening pleasure.

This release features veterans in the scene such as Current Value and Billian on relentless productions, as well as intriguing collaborations between Optiv & CZA, Disprove, Audeka and Signal. MachineCode & Audeka proper crafting the vibes on their collab for Signature. Audeka & Rawtekk create a scene out of a japanese movie with the intro, intense artistry on this tune called Samurai. Kursa and Faek’s Behind This Door setting fire to the dance floor.

MethLab 2 not only pushing but designing new envelopes with an upfront approach and an unfaltering craftsmanship which can only see some of these tunes opening portals on the dance floor. Check the tracks below.


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