Eatbrain Recordings – L33 – Karate LP – [Review]


Ever since the sampler dropped about 2 months ago, we’ve been awaiting the full album drop from this prolific producer who’s been solidifying his name on some of the elite imprints in the industry. Having put a stamp of his name across, Bad Taste recordings, Blackout as well as Program , and now  releasing his debut LP on Eatbrain recordings. 

L33 presents us with Karate LP. 15 relentless tunes ready to set things ablaze ‘pon the dance floor. And what better way to kick things off with a tune titled ‘Clublife’ with a firm stamp of L33’s forward swing approach and basking in the glory of all it’s grit! A definite always on cue tune for unaware patrons.

“Electroshock” is another carrying the same vibe, while also employing a half time switch up after the break. L33 unfaltering from bangers and mash incisions. Going through the LP one can’t help but notice the intricasies of this tight production and precisionally  engineered sickness! From intense modulation in “Strange Things” held in a good tight spot to “Disc Funk” which will certainly have you bouncing off the walls.

“Zealot” comes in as one rolling train on a sinister tip with another pristine production on “Bloodrain” which is also ill-lit. The technical articulation of this album is one intriguing sonic experience. This is sure packing serious heat! Eatbrain always keeping the bar high up on the releases. Check the tunes below. 


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