Med School – Rawtekk – Here’s to them LP – [Review]

Rawtekk - Here's To Them

 The duo was formed in 2006 and then, in 2011 had their first single release on Med School Music (‘Snowflakes’); before moving on to a debut album in the year 2013 (‘sprouted And Formed’). Three years later, the brothers present something from the label again. Here, we are looking at a 12-track vinyl (plus CD) especially for you titled ‘Here’s To Them LP’.

 The album is opened by ‘Hatch’, a three-minute long piece of what you could call, “Minimal roughness”; with a splash of two well-done, short verses of poetry delivered melodically. That is followed by the title track which, is a sound possessed by a demon. Herein, you find some lazy vocals blended in with a lot of mechanical synth activity throughout the song’s slow progression.

As you go, things go smooth and sensual with ‘My Love’; a duet between piano keys and vocals that contribute that sensual element. There is no drum track and a chorus of other instruments here, just a simple romantic ballad for the love birds, ideally leading to ‘Restless’ where things go up a notch in the form of a dope Liquid tune, which is something to look out for.

And if you are looking for mind-blasting, rough and grinding bangers to get down to then; the heart rate-increasing beats and grimy synth sounds of ‘Harbour’ and ‘Extinction’ featuring Audeka (coming in last) is the dosage to take. These two, are waves of audio destruction for real. And on the other hand, you can descend into the abyss to jam to the deep, dark sound of ‘Vantage Point’ coming in at track 6 or; the laid-back, Intelligent flavour found in ‘K.I.A’ for some sonic tranquillity. Therefore, putting track 1 aside, this album contains only five tracks which are Drum & Bass proper, as for the rest; you are looking at different tastes in musical ingenuity orientated towards experimental and Minimal Electronica whilst, the theme still remains throughout, and more than half the songs maintain a similar feel as well.

To simply sum it up, Tom Mullet said: “… Get to know the heaviest music we’ve ever had on Med School Music. So sick.”

 Germany is renowned for many things and, music such as this coming from the land is deserving of the same reverence and applause. In fact, rumour does have it that, this LP might be destined to be one of the biggest releases in Drum & Bass this year. We will have to wait and see.


Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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