Kosen Production – Nouwa – Credence/Mastermind [Review]


Kosen Production are a French events and record label company that believe in passion and sincerity in the artistic work they produce. This week saw their 20th release, compliments of Nouwa. This is the very same company behind the Clamps as well.

Welcome to Artem Obuhov’s utopic world of music, introducing ‘Credence’; a hard-banging, and possessing a crisp production element to go with the title’s definition. It’s the kind of song that involuntarily gets you dancing, and if not then, the people around you definitely will. It starts off with a sort of tranquil introduction. And then, it does not really drag a build-up (as the bass burps in the rear) nor does it take its passengers abruptly and directly to its main structural component instead,  it comes at a steady pace before getting down to business.

The track ‘Mastermind’ is the best between the two and, starts with a sampled audio clip, followed by a head-bopping break-beat. And being the favoured one, it is obviously a banger as well; all the way to the part whereby it leads to the pad synth taking the spotlight during a momentary absence of the drum track, after the break interval until it inevitably veers down a smooth fade-out.

One cannot say that, any one of these two singles is whack because; Nouwa perfectly in comprised his own, unique artistic element. In fact, with D&B in general, as a Raver you seldom expect or find a displeasing tune, won’t you agree?

This offspring of Karnage Records is making its mark on the international D&B scene with artists such as this young cat (having released on other labels as well). That said; Nouwa is simply nice.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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