Eatbrain Records – Hypoxia – Cognition EP – [Review]


As the EP name suggests, this production carves sound frames in your mind for your cerebral cortex to fuck out to. Duo Hypoxia have prepared an unsparing EP on the Eatbrain imprint.

Let’s get right into the swing of it as we gear up Ripgroove, slowly steaming through the atmosphere on the intro with a delayed plucky vibe setting in the build up. And you here the words “RipGroove” sounding like a ghostly kid a in a horror film… Then, snare, and drop as the tingle in your brain sets in from the bouncy vibe of this number! Second drop of this tune also sauces it up with more flavour for your ears. They did plenty of good with this one.

Then we carry on to the title track of the EP, Cognition. Now the intro to this track is reminiscent of a track that for the life of me I cannot recall at the moment. Therefore it’s driving me nuts! And will do so for a good amount of time, anyway, here’s the track reeling one in with eastern howls and a voice we’ve all heard in futuristic movies explaining cognition as it kicks up to a major drop with a propelling frontal vibe ensuring its authority on the dance floor is recognised.

Thirdly on the EP we change down the gears a bit with Membrane Theory going for a different take, obviously flexing aesthetic in versatile adaptations. Something to give a dancerfloor a breather too after you did a murderous one.

Soundsystem Heavyweight certainly seals off this EP with a proper tone. MC Seko on the bars has the beat adhering to his vocal artillery. Get in the zone vibes with this one.

Gangster gangster! Vibes all about it! Best scope this EP out for your listening pleasure!


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