Warm Comms Records – Seba / Blu Mar Ten – Shades Of Me & You / Never Let you Go (Remix) – [Review]


As the last bits of summer are dying out in the UK one can still find them resonating in the latest offering from Warm Comms imprint in the likes of Swedish producer Seba, coupled with a remix on one of his tunes by Blu Mar Ten. As ‘Seba‘ makes his comeback on digital store shelves ever so subtle in his forte of liquid productions, the ‘A’ side of this release is a classy “Shades of Me and You” that carries a depth of feeling with luxuriant pad work and delicate female vocals that give a warm brush of air. Warmth is the order of this track inspiring intimate like emotions…

On the flip, the ‘AA’ is a stunning remix of “Never Let You Go” by ‘Blu Mar Ten’ maximisimg the atmospheric nature of this track. Definitely with added BMT signature work on that narcotic mellower take leaving the appeasing vocals that solidify this composition into a stunner of a track. Meticulous design all in all. This is music with a texture

Release Date: August 19


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