NexGen Music – V/A – Northen Lights EP – [Review]


‘Nexgen Music’ is a very cross-genred label which has also been working with television and other entertainment industries on musical compositions. There’s been quite a lot of summer vibe releases recently and nexgen didn’t wanna fall short of that. So a four track EP is due on this label comprising of various artists bringing forth excellent flavours.

Northern lights‘ being the title of the EP as well as the title of the 1st track on it by ‘Faible‘. Presenting a colourful roller taking a jazzy feel about it, accompanied by soothing vocals of Iriann Joyce make for a luxurious song.

The take on ‘Disco Inferno‘ by ‘D.A, Clart and mSdoS‘ is also jazzy although with a chopped up drum work getting the track rolling. Very relaxing piano work. Definite stunner.

Physical Illusion‘ and ‘Sunny Crimea’s‘ craftsmanship on ‘Something About Love‘ certainly messes with the heartstrings. A very emotive piece with a drum pattern to lose yourself in a gentle manner. The repeated vocals “You’re all alone now” are quite thought provoking… Late night rollers. Broken hearts beware…

On the D side is ‘Reborn‘ having a take on video game snippets in a very enticing manner, also an emotive piece ingeniously constructed. ‘Mario in Computer Hell‘ is quite the experimental piece breaking out of sub-category confinement. This is the realness!

A definite need to have for chilled vibes!

Release Date: September 9


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