Soul Trader Records – Aperio – So True/Discoveries Feat. Subdivision [Review]


Aperio states that he is all about “documenting moods and memories with music”, and he has done that through labels such as RAM Records; Mayan Audio; Soulvent; as well as other D&B entities including this latest release via Soul Trader Records.

It is an audio documentation consisting of Liquid rhythms, which are in the form of two singles. The first one is a beautiful number called ‘So True’ with its smooth, harmonic vocals that express a feeling of emotions that sound relative to the title. It has a nice play of melodic keys that capture the song’s essence; and a crisp, clean mix down of the simple drum track. ‘Discoveries’ is the next single which Aperio and fellow signee to Soul Trader, Subdivision collaborated on. Both producers are from Leeds, UK and display an impressive joint effort that raises the flag of their hometown when it comes to Liquid Drum & Bass. The mood, vibe, and style in general does not divert from former tune so basically, the songs uniformly arise the same feels or emotions quite frankly. An addition however, is the nostalgic effect that the distantly sounding reverberations of the vocals invoke as the ear listens on.

Fact is, there’s no going wrong with soulful D&B, period, and Aperio has done his part to prove the fact. The production and the composition of these two joints are indeed quite impressive, and do well to compliment Aperio as a talented artist.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


Soul Trader Records – Centrik – Beloved EP – [Review]


The other half of the Soul:Motion project/duo, by the name Philly A.K.A Centrik is now out with his EP via Soul Trader Records. It is simply titled Beloved, and it comes with three soulful numbers.

When starting with the title song of the EP, there is no doubt about the obvious picture that it paints. It is a fine and calmly Liquid number that is tuned to perfection; containing a sort of Jazzy piano melody in the forefront, backed by a touch of some female vocals. Coming to ‘Flourish’ next, we are met with another love joint that follows up and keeps the theme of love consistent. This time however, the vocal sample is of a male figure; still keeping it Jazzy though; and possessive of a hypnotic atmosphere via the constant sound in the background. The overall feel of the tune is groovy indeed. The third and final track begins with a cinematic introduction then goes with the lyric “you are the one for me” in a still moment before it drops to something as equally laid-back as the first tune, ‘Beloved’. This one is titled ‘Perceive’ and contains as much passion and beauty as the other two.

Beloved EP is a serving of that matured D&B, besides it being for the lovebirds out there. And besides all, in a nutshell this is an absolutely wonderful listen. To add, I think it also compliments Centrik’s neat signature as a solo artist, and does not try to even stand out.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Soul Trader Records – Dave Owen – Ridin’ High EP – [Review]



Hailing from Queens, NY in the United States, comes Dave Owen with his four track EP titled “Ridin’ High” which is completely immersed in the lushest liquid DNB I’ve personally heard coming from the states. The EP is showcased on Soul Trader’s magnificent roster of releases.  Breaking the ice is a track called ‘Hydro Soul’ which is led by a flute-like sound that’s looped up, which pretty much runs throughout the entire track and then followed by quite a stand out of a tune “Little Impulses” which tugs at them feels with the right motion and timing just to have you swell up in some deep vibes.

Thirdly comes the title track “Ridin’ High” which is rather much smoother and deep, one set to alleviate the stresses of everyday living and cruise you onto cloud nine. The EP is then sealed off by “Soul Mates”, a track which boasts a beautiful violin that paints delightful sceneries in your mind. A Very pleasing piece of work on the entire EP to mellow out on. Really love the work that went into this production. Big up!

Words: Ant

Soul Trader Records – Precision & Subdivision – Jazz Night EP [ Review]


Jazz Night EP, is a result of a dope team-up between Precision and Subdivision, two artists/producers both hailing from Leeds, in the UK. The two-single collaboration is presented by Soul Trader Records.

This is that sophisticated, smooth, and mature Drum & Bass we find in Jazz-Step, as well Liquid/Soulful D&B. On first play, the title track ‘Jazz Night’ which commemorates the iconic genre that has revolutionised music up ‘til today. Every element of the tune is superbly Jazzy, and made lively by the chorus of stand ovations and historical sound clips. The next track is a Liquid jam called ‘You & I’, and it is quite a relaxed and touching love song; a D&B ballad that speaks of bliss. Safe to say, that Jazz Night EP has that vintage feel to it whilst, not forgetting to keep it modern at the same time, more especially with the title song itself.

This EP is something that your father would definitely get down to, period. And, as for the rest of us, this is the kind of D&B we just relax and unwind to, no matter the weather. Safe to also say, that it is a classic piece of music.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Soul Trader Records – Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler EP – [Review]


His sound contradicts his pseudonym, funny enough and; it is quite an interesting one at that. From Poland, it spreads throughout the rest of the D&B world at large. Just recently, he rolled out ‘Spin With Me EP’ [Fokuz Recordings] but now; things have gotten cheeky like the Chihuahua on the album art.

Firstly, we’d like to say that we really dig both the songs in this latest Soul Trader release (the label’s seventeenth to date). Having noted Silence Groove in the EP prior to this, we were already hooked with the style therefore; pressing play this time around, we fell straight into the soulful sounds of ‘Care More’. The hook abruptly welcomes the joint with an excited Amen break then; it dips down the parametric well with a low filter; before re-emerging with an influx of Liquid-Soul and uplifting atmospherics and, the rest is lovely listening history.

Next… enter the title track; ‘Cheeky Growler’– beginning with a cool, tantalising intro. Some interesting play of filters sets the melody of which is almost in the background, making its necessary transitions and phases throughout the song. As for the drums; in the first part, they run slow then; switch to a faster groove after the track breaks; towards the song’s end which, just cuts off instantly like snapping fingers. It is quite a simple-sounding song but, with a not so mundane play in production and feel.

We speak on any listener’s behalf with this one that, Cheeky Growler EP is one fine-ass listen. What Silence Groove does is just another progressive example that, the essence of Soul and/or Funk that makes Liquid D&B will never fade out as long as music exists.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela

Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler