Killscreen Records – Fractals – Forward In Time EP – [Review]


Killscreen Recording’s, UK based Fractals, is releasing a studio project. Only one thing is now awaited, and that is 07/04/2014, which is the release date just a few days ahead of us… Forward In Time EP.

The portal that will take us forward in time is opened, with ‘Dark Matter’ forming the basis of the heavy-hitting beats; and the heavy-breathing bass to be expected in this trip. This song is like a quantum experiment that went well.
Expect an almost instant transmutation of the drum patterns, from the up-paced 2-Steps of the eerily cold hook, straight to the main deal with thumping simple kicks; and an overall laid-back drum sequence that properly executes the rest of the song.
Next to follow is ‘Ego’. The psychology behind the title makes you witness the song as expressing a sort of dark ego as soon as you start listening to it. The distorted voice samples in the background, in the beginning; as well as throughout intervals keep up nicely as they break down the definition of a fractal. You may figure that this joint teaches you what Fractals is all about in his music. The elements of eeriness and melodic darkness contained here are just marvellous, and they are sure to keep bassheads who have dark tastes moving, vibrating. This one here is a winner.
Another winner is the champion sound of ‘Electron Dub’, which is on that Jungle tip, but on another level. Old-skool meets the future. It has a stalking, bouncy bassline that goes parallel with the head-bopping beat, and a pad that sounds distant, not forgetting the simple Dub-defining factors such as the echoing/reverberating keys; and the lasers and in the vivid background.
The fourth and last one is no different from a hit. You got to love how the open hats were done; and the atmosphere of the song is basically more technical in the creativity of this banger.
Everything about this track is clean and neatly put. The feel lacks emotion, but does express a catalyst of giving you a mind trip ‘In Time
’. Close to six minutes of pure maths and science, well balanced and compressed. And the rest could be said of this EP that marks re-establishment of ‘Fractal’ onto the Drum & Bass scene.
Forward In Time
’ sees Fractals hopping back hard; and displaying great skill and technicality, which shows that recuperation and patience can bear good fruits.

This EP is pure magnificence compressed and contained in just four ear-whipping Drum & Bass songs.
The month of April welcomes ‘Forward In Time
’ taking its seat as one of the albums to check out this season.

Words By: Ink Punk

Release Date: 7 Apr 2014