36 Hertz Recordings – DJ Vapour – Beatopia LP – [Review]


A special release from an inventive and legendary icon of Jungle/Old Skool side of D&B. DJ Vapour showers and blesses us with his second LP via his label i.e. 36 Hertz Recordings, as we delve into the season. It is stacked with ten tunes to immerse the ears in.

From the first track, despite it being childishly titled ‘Bubbles’, Beatopia LP starts by igniting a spark that leads to titanic flames that are comparable to an exploded fill-up (gas) station. The songs are engineered with an old-skool type of sound (one of Vapour’s signature marks) and yet, still managing to sound modern and crisp; and it runs with quite a flavourful, dark Jungle theme as well. The album also comprises of a few of what we can safely dub as ‘Vintage Liquid’ (compliments of the artist’s analogue gear) but with a rough, metallic edge to it with jams like ‘Give It To Me’; ‘Touch’ and; ‘Eats, Shoots And Leaves’. The songs come packaged with another of DJ Vapour’s signature moves which are; his powerful, rugged, and raw bass lines that conquers and flourishes in the lower end of the parametric spectrum. Some examples that audibly describe this can be found in ‘Global Connection’; how it runs low under the horns in ‘Ghosts’; and also the bass face and the tremors one can expect to get when ‘Earthquake’ drops. Lastly, on that collaborative note, there are two joints to peep viz; Jamie Irie on ‘Rude Boy Sound’; and Tommie Radford making an appearance in ‘Jailbreak’ which is one Rock & Rollin’, Metal meets Jungle kind of vibe as the last track number (just wait for it to properly drop to witness the fierceness herein).

We reckon that, this album is also celebratory of 36 Hertz’s ten-years in existence, seeing that it was established in 2007. This album will surely make their mission objective clear to you that, they are the “purveyors in fine bassline…”

Words By: Tsheola Asavela