Ignescent Recordings – ChaseR – Digital Jungle Space/My Vision – [Review]


Ignescent Recordings is steadily growing with every release now; coming out with their eleventh one with ChaseR once again. After noting the First Encounter EP (2016) which was the label’s fifth, he throws a double with this.

After listening, and pondering we speculate that this release is reflective on how ChaseR expresses and explains his views; as highlighted in the titles of the songs; and transmitted via artistically engineered sound waves i.e. music of course. Technicalities aside and just looking at ‘Digital Jungle Space’ for one; you instantly envision a utopic future on the peak of Trans-humanism whereby, there exists nothing much tangible, everything is virtual (including us). Now, take that mental picture and imagine it in a Drum & Bass dance floor gone AWOL…
As for the other jam, which is interestingly titled ‘My Vision’, we get to hear the artist’s creative vision perhaps. Whichever way it is, this is a fiery number that has that unexplained but, felt element of being a D&B classic. Like the first, it also starts with a grand, cinematic intro then; leads to an energetic “jump up” vibe and a voice sample for statement clarity; driven by melodies of the raw bass and a symphonic pad in the near background. This track is definitely a must-be hit!

As just like the last time we tried to summarize ChaseR’s style in just three words, being “raw; energy-filled, and timeless”. This record displays ChaseR’s interesting signature and recognition as a unique artist, besides it being a dope listen.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Kill Tomorrow Records – ChaseR – Dead End EP – [Review]


Dead End is an EP that is brought to us by Kill Tomorrow Recordings and produced by ChaseR. It comes wrapped up with four raw original mixes, and is the label’s second release in the year so far.

From the top is the ‘Dead End’ title track with its clean drum sounds and an overall clean production. Then, the raw, buzzing synthesis in ‘Release The Beast’ and  ‘Robotics’ puts things to order and perspective with sadistic, fused, and twisted elements that have a tinge of some old school styles but, refined to suit the current state of the Neuro and Tech subgenres. The style of production that ChaseR applied here is rampant throughout the four songs and so, the theme of the work is quite clear. And, as for the fourth joint, ‘Gold Rush’ it is a club anthem competitor in its own right because it is a hot number to look out for, and it is a pretty gruesome way of ending things on a note.

With ChaseR, we know what to expect and that is; some raw, hardness aimed straight at the dance floor for that wild night at a kick-ass Rave. The Dead End EP is a not too shabby piece of work.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela

Ignescent Recordings – ChaseR – First Encounter EP – [Review]


Straight from Russia is Ignescent Recordings which; is still a young one in the world of D&B labels but, it is already seasoned enough to stand with the best. First Encounter EP by ChaseR, is the label’s fifth release to highlight this.

Four tracks make up the EP and, the first three are totally hot club bangers to go through, starting off with the title track which has a catchy play of instruments and, the creativity behind the lay-out of the effects results in something that just rocks the body. Similarly with ‘Vobla Punch’ and ‘Cold Embrace’ which follow thereafter; having with them nice and chilled, innocent introductions when they start, as if the drops will be something soft and chilled. Well, it’s not that instead, the beats are hyper, really excited and, contains a wicked shade of viciousness in them. However, the second track between the three i.e. ‘Vobla Punch’ came out as our chosen favorite somehow. There’s just that something about it that slightly stands out and thus, making it more doper. It’s probably the power and, that “punch” behind its namesake.

The fourth and last, titled ‘Subsidence’ is a magnificent fusion of Intelligence/Ambient Drum & Bass; with a medium stroke of hardness, made so by the roar of the synth coming in with that raw note. It is definitely something awesome, versatile and unique to listen to, and it can blend in with basically any set at a club or, even the playlist at home; no matter the theme.

The style or how the final product came out can be described and understood in three simple words; raw; energy-filled and; timeless. With that summarized, this EP surely entices and unlocks the Raver within effortlessly.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela